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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83. We had a round of storms yesterday evening, and we're supposed to have more storms today. I'm hoping they wait until I get home from work.

Annette, I have to skip the reality show talk. I don't watch any of them. A few movies and cable series is about all the tv I watch, although if the Mavericks make it to the championship series, I may have to watch a bit of that.

LOL @ the 3 alarm dinner, Becky. Rose has set off our smoke detectors several times.

Stephanie, if I ever knew what job you had, I'm not remembering. Are you an architect?

How was your mentor training, MI Judy? Is it raining there? We're still behind on our rain, so I won't complain about a rainy day here today, although I'd sure like to see it wait until after I've pedaled my way home.

I hope you're doing well today, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Dallas Mavericks - - - if I liked professional basketball - I would have to be a Spurs fan (I grew up near San Antonio) - my best friend from the third grade would disown me if I rooted for anyone else (unless they were playing the Lakers. (I'm more of a football (Dallas) and Nascar (Gordon) fan.)

I did not watch the news so I can't tell you what the weather is like (I don't remember turning the windshield wipers on - so it was not raining at 7:30, and I didn't not go back in for a coat so it must be close to 70 degrees. How's that for weather - I did wander outside when I was hunting for the office smoker - seems like whenever I need her she is outside - sigh - I used to read so many books - that's the only thing I miss about smoking - I'd go outside and read.

Now I read before bed and can't remember a darn thing I read (love those ambian!)

I am trying to see if there is a desk under all this paper so I better get back to it. The numbers on my keyboard are covered so something has to be done to stop this influx of work. Wait - tree pretty - soda empty I must wander to the kitchen - I hope my chair is still here when I get back.


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LOL Annette! You crack me up! But you didn't answer Bud's question. I would be curious to know what your job is too! Tell us. It has to be fascinating the way you write about it. LOL

The mentor training Bud, was silly. The other people in the room were new to Gilda's Club, so most of the training was on the mission, and purpose of the Club. I've been at the Club for 10 years for pete's sake. (who is pete?)

So I kind of resented being asked to be there. It's a 45 minute drive for me, one way, and with the price of gas? Kind of felt insulted that I needed to sit through two hours of stuff that I've known for many years.


It is what it is. I guess as the Club gets bigger and bigger, they need to have rules and regiments in place to ensure everyone is talking the same talk, and understanding the culture there.

Today it is gloomy and hot. First time the A/C is on. It's supposed to get to the mid 80's, but it's very humid. I don't do humid well. Randy will probably want to kill me when he comes home to the air being on. He'll have to get over it.

I'm heading out to do errands. Tonight is supposed to be our going out Date night, but yesterday I had to make the call to our investor to take a big chunk out of savings, and it depressed me. We've been married 19 years and never had to dig into that before. That was for retirement. But with the unemployment situation we are in, we have to start digging into it. I'm thankful we have it. But I wish the man would figure out what he wants to do when he grows up!

I was thinking about looking into getting back into the work force again. But it would mean an investment in professional clothing, shoes, etc. I have not updated my wardrobe (can't really call what I have now a wardrobe) in years. As a volunteer, casual clothes have been fine. If I went back to work, it'd have to be in Sales. That's what I love to do. I just am not sure what to do.

Ok, I need to go read an inspirational book. Hmmmm..... I have a bunch of good books that will bring my spirits up.

See ya!

MI Judy

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Judy - I have a very very boring office job. I started working in the consulting field in 1985 (when I was .... 2 I think) - ok how about when I got out of the Navy. I worked for a firm who did financial and human resources consulting for municipalities - started as a secretary. Then had a 3 year break in 1992 and moved to California, Texas and Florida with my military husband. Then when we came back to Virginia Beach my old firm called and asked me back. In 2000 we were purchased by a company headquartered in St. Paul, MN - and I was promoted to an Analyst, then they shut that office and I moved to Richmond with the company as a Project Manager. So I mainly work for municipal clients doing pay studies, executive recruitments and other various human resources related consulting projects. Like all jobs - some days it is fun and some days well it isn't.

Now you know the rest of the story,


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Good Evening All,

Sorry, been freewheeling a bit this week,taking advantage of your energies,just laughing at the fun you all produce in your posts,I tell you,I think you could write a sit-com TV series to match anything on the box currently-thank you guys.

Seems May's weather has confused itself with April's been raining off and on all week.

Not been a good week so far,Sally continues her drink spree,always arrive home from work to find her drunk in her chair,semi-conscious,despite all my efforts in removing all access to money,bank cards etc,also turning the house upside down looking for planks of alcohol and money,she is far too clever for me.No contact with her employer,think they have given up the ghost,I can only imagine during my 7 week vacation in America, what she will get up to,she might have burned the house down by the time I get home,(if I go home LOL).I really have to focus now on my future,I dont want to spend the rest of my life in this "relationship".She aint for changing and after 15 years,I think I have done my bit.Sorry for going on a bit but I feel a bit better sharing.

Well two days left of work,tomorrow part 2 of my pre-retirement class,forgot to look at the prog of events but I am sure I will enjoy myself.I took my last class today,well wasnt really a proper lesson,taking a new group students about to start in August on a tour of the college,giving them the standard induction talk and filling in the registration documents,they came along with their school tutors x2 think they enjoyed the tour themselves.

Been trying hard to clear my desk and pass on all my current materials to my colleagues to continue with for the remainder of the term,I am sure they will do a great job and my students wont be disadvantaged in any way.

I have been receiving lots of visitings from college staff at all levels passing me on their best wishes for my retirement,Friday 3.30pm I have been requested to attend a presentation for me, by my colleagues,I promise you I would have preferred to sneak out the door quietly instead. Gosh all of this is so surreal and I have attended so many of these occassions in the past,its just a little bit different when its your own "Beam me up Scottie". Goodnight everyone,early bed tonight,just feel a bit tired,see you tomorrow.Byee.

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Eric, I am sure they will miss you so much. It's just like you though to make sure everything is carefully turned over so that the students don't suffer. Good for you! You know you can write about anything in here, and talking about Sally probably helps when you feel so helpless in the situation. I'm so sorry about her choices. I feel so sad for her too.

Annette, thanks for sharing! I think your job sounds quite interesting! And I did not know you were in the Navy! How interesting. I have a girlfriend that was in the Navy around that time period. She didn't have positive things to say about how women were treated back then!

Ok, ran my errands. Read my book. Over my pitty party!

MI Judy

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I'm so proud of me, I said yesterday I was going to start checking this thread and here I am. 80 degrees in Asheville, NC today and sunny. Like you Bud we had bad storms last night and possiblity for some this evening. I'm hoping they miss us tonight. Between my 8 year old joining me in bed because she is scared and the dog pacing around the room because of thunder I didn't get a lot of sleep.

Annette, it sounds like our jobs are similar, only mine in healthcare. You're right fun some days but others not so!

Eric, congrats on your retirement. When are you coming to America? I can't imagine what you are going through with Sally, so sorry you are dealing with this.

I should be working on this mountain of a project so I should say bye for now!

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Full on rainy day. Kind of cold. Hoodie plus fleece jacket cool. How's that for a business wardrobe?

Bud - I was a practicing architect for about 20 years (I got a late start). We usually just keep practicing till death do us part, so my retirement is pretty unusual. I mostly worked on residential projects, both single family homes and multi-family developments, but small scale with lots of intent to be "better" than the cookie cutter stuff. Also, a fair amount of pretty high end work. There was a little commercial work too, mostly restaurants. The design part is such a small part of the process - it is mainly about the relationships, and the paperwork - reading, comprehending, and production.

Started back up with Qi Gong today. New instructor as our previous is out with her pregnancy (all-day morning sickness and teaching are not a good match.) I got a complement on my form from today's instructor - not bad since I haven't been doing my homework.

Eric - retirement is not bad at all, as long as you don't get too cut off from everyone. I don't think that will be a problem for you.

Judy - I volunteered at the local zoo for years - events, not animals. About 8 years in, they started insisting that all volunteers go through training and buy uniforms, etc. The volunteer group that pretty much ran the events I was involved in gave them the stink eye and they backed down and grandfathered us in. We were way too valuable to mess with. If I hadn't moved to the other end of the city, I would probably still be doing that job - this summer season looks like great fun.

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Hi Katy,

Thanks for your post,my great USA adventure begins on 2nd July At Philly airport,then to Richmond -Annette and Keith-Washington DC-New York-poss to meet up with Nick-Boston-Niagra Falls-Chicago-hopefully meeting Libby?-St Pauls/Minnieapolis,-Montana,Dinosaurs,Yellowstone,Glacier National Park,Crow and Blackfeet Reservations-Seattle maybe meet Stephanie-LUNGevity charity walk/run or in my case crawl-Vancover back to Seattle to fly homewards on 18th Aug.

No Hotels booked, free to choose how long to stay at any place,will be travelling wearing my kilt and a LUNGevity T-shirt,waving the flag for LUNGevity and raising awareness of Lung cancer-"Early diagnosis-Saves lives",maybe bump into you on the way?

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Good Morning KatieB,

Do you mean the one about Washington DC,me visiting LUNGevity offices?,yes of course,its so exciting for me but I didnt want to spill the beans until nearer the time or pre-empt your thoughts on this subject,about being broached.

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