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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 73 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 89. It's humid and windy, with a chance of storms again.

I really enjoyed the DC trip. It was great getting to meet people I know from here, as well as other survivors. I always enjoy seeing Jerrold Dash again, too. His story of survival with transplanted lungs is so incredible.

Of course, there are lots of incredible stories to be heard from that group of survivors, and I really enjoyed visiting with everyone.

It also gives you a great feeling about the future of LUNGevity, after learning more its workings and plans. I hope I get to participate in more things like this.

Annette, we missed you, but understood that you needed to stay close to home. KW Judy, glad to hear you're out of the hospital, but sorry you had to bring oxygen along. I hope it's only for a short while.

Have a great day, all!

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Beautiful day outside - Not so beautiful inside since it is a work, visit mom, and "family" counseling night. I have had teenager attitude up the ..... this weekend. I have discovered as long as he gets his way everything is fine. Now all I have to do is make my way his way.

No eating in your room. But it has a lid on it and I won't get crumbs in bed (except for the big red stain on my practically new day bed.

Where is the cable for the computer - I want to play on it since I fried the 2,000 my grandmother bought me a couple of months ago. Here it is knock yourself out kid (when it goes that's one less thing I have to break). Shoot did I turn that X Box off when he wandered away from it? I know I got the kitchen, utility room, dining room, and his bathroom lights 3 or 4 times - but I may have missed that little green light - grr.

I have already been to the hospital for the first mom visit. She was sitting up eating a real breakfast - so that is good - although I can still tell she is not 100% mentally there is no comparison to over the last week. She said they are going to let her step down sometime today to the regular second floor. That will be great no more specific visiting hours - I may actually get a meal cooked. I had taco bell 3 times last week.

I was so down this weekend with my mom's heart attack - really scared for the first time that COPD and now much weaker heart - is really working her over and the next time (or next) really could be the last. That freaking out feeling is just not fun.

Ok - give me a second - there is humor in this brain somewhere... look at all the pretty marbles wonder where they came from. Wait a minute the rattle in my head is gone - hmm those must be my marbles.

Judy - did you leave PSL for KW yet? How's that breathing - please please please make it get better!

Gotta look smart (you know working) for a few minutes. Back later, I really missed you this weekend - I can't tell you how much I wish I had been there instead of sitting in the waiting room for the next 30 minute visiting session....Mean ICU people....


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Good morning all!

Well, it’s back to normalcy again, whatever that means. Recovered from the scary plane ride yesterday. Had to laugh at myself after getting off the plane. I got my luggage, and proceeded to the car. Randy loaded my stuff up, and we take off. He asked how it went, and I guess that due to the stress of a 2 hour extreme plane ride, I must have been riled up. I begin to tell him about it, and he asked me to pause, proceeded to tell me that I’m not on a plane anymore, and I do not need to yell! LOL. I was yelling and didn’t even realize it. I guess 4 hours on planes does make one raise their voice to be heard.

So I lowered my outside voice to an inside voice, and proceeded to tell him about all the amazing people I met, and the brainstorming sessions, and all of it. He thinks that lung cancer survivors are amazing people, and I let him know that for sure we are! LOL

I got home to 85 degrees and HUMID. He was happy with that, I was not. So we turned the A/C on for the night. But now it’s 72 and wonderful. We have storms coming in, and then it will drop into the 60’s for a few days. That’s quite normal for us, so no complaints.

I’m due for fasting blood work, and so far I’ve not eaten, so I think I’ll beat it out of here and head to the Lab and get that pesky thing done. Quiet week, only 3 meetings, a graduation party and a wedding to go to.

Stephanie, it was so good to see you post yesterday! Welcome to the boards.

Annette, good news on the Mom front. I just don’t even know what to say about the nephew. Really. You make it sound like comedy, but it must be very stressful. If you ever need to talk, you have my number. Call.

OK, got to go. Have a good week.

Judy in MI again

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Good Evening Everyone,

What an afternoon,I am still sitting in the mist of a storm raging ,what a mess outside my window,the winds have torn down large limbs and branches of all the trees in the circle,the far side of the cul-de-sac is blocked completely by fallen debris,some roads in the town have diversions because of fallen trees,its all over Scotland 60-100 mile winds have been recorded,thousands of people without power in their homes,this isnt May, whats going on with our weather?

Busy day prior to the winds arriving,Up at the Westerwood Hotel in Cumbernauld,it really is a lovely place,set in beautiful countryside the Campsie Fells as a back drop,has a private golf course attached,not quite Augusta in appearance but not far from it either,I have found a new home.Started in the gym,on the treadmill,tried running pace,think that lasted for approx 15 seconds,stepped it down to walking pace,stayed one hour,then changed for an hours swim,two lengths at a time then rest etc,bet I will have joined them into one by the end of the week,then into the sauna,think I managed just over ten minutes,phew,more punishment went into the steam room for similar,showered dressed and signed up for five weeks of this torture,finally retired to the upper lounge overlooking the golf course with a glass actually two of fresh orange juice,the whole place is just so plush,dont know how they have let me join? and all this for £30 per month ($45 approx).I was just thinking there, that two Mondays ago I was beavering away at work,sorry to rub it in guys Tee Hee,well back to the hell hole tomorrow.

Picked up my repaired car at the garage today and gave back the Fiat Punto,kept my no-claims bonus since the guy that rear-ended me accepted full liability,just hope I can get my £350 excess returned from his insurers.

Well welcome home all the WDC wanderers,think you all enjoyed yourselves,count me in for next years 16-64 LC survivors conference,I will be 63 so I just make it with the skin of my teeth,I may stay for another seven weeks if I manage to avoid myself getting deported by the authorities this year.

Just watched Presidents address in Dublin on the news,I really like this guy,some of your previous Presidents without mentioning any names to protect the innocent,seemed to have their lights on but there was nobody at home,JudyMI,sorry, correct me if I am wrong,is this a prominately a Republican trait or is this more widespread?(OK I will take a slapped wrist).

Hi Annette,still a bit hetic yet,isnt it,well your Mums condition seems to have stabilised now as is making some progress,hopefully flexi visting hours takes some of the stress from you.Thinking about your Mum going home is there a home help social system in the USA?,Sally's Mum came to live with us for her last few years and had home help worker who visited 5 times a day to help her with her personal needs,dressing feeding and washing etc.Made our lives so much easier.

Welcome home Judy MI,youve landed safely at last,hope your blood test results are fine,methinks your description of the coming week as being quiet,is a bit of an understatement.

Hi Bud,glad you enjoyed the wee break,Jerrold Dash?transplanted lungs?anywhere I can read this one up?

Well goodnight all,enjoy the rest of the day.Bye.

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I'm here!! Had a busy day so far - busy for me anyway. Had to go have the dreaded mamogram. Thank goodness that's done for another year. Went to Walmart and the grocery store and had to stop at the hardware/pool supply store to get sand for our pool filter. Hubby is cleaning it out and putting new sand in it before he opens the pool for the summer. Speaking of which - it's too hot here already! 90 today, suppose to be 94 tomorrow and Wednesday! I wanna be back in DC in an air conditioned hotel with food being served all day!! LOL


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Jerrold Dash is a rare lung cancer patient who ended up with transplanted lungs, and an even rarer lung cancer patient who's survived for years with transplanted lungs. You can read his blog here.

He's not very active on the blog these days, but if you'll look at the early years on it, his story is there. Because of his unusual story, he also gets quite a bit of media attention. The most recent coverage I've seen is here.

I'd already met Jerrold because he, like me, has been a survivor speaker at the DFW walk.

Does anyone remember this photo of Pixie that I posted just a couple of weeks after we got her?


It's been over a year since then, and she's grown a lot, but she still considers herself a shoulder dog. Here's what I usually look like when I'm on my computer.


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I am here too. I had a busy day. The church up the hill came and made a big bar b q dinner for us today then I came home and put my feet up. Sciatica has really been kicking my butt for a few days.

I know that you all had a great time at your concert. Glad to see so many survivors went. Glad to see so many survivors :!:

I hope that someday I can meet some of you in person. It is hard to believe that we have never met face to face when we have shared so much of our hope, joy, grief and anger.

I hope you are all safe from the weather. My heart aches for so many who have lost so much. I posted a joke to try and give a laugh to lighten my mood and I hope some others as well. Take care everyone.

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