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Sunday's air


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I tried all day yesterday to get here but nothing worked. I tried searching for the site and my bookmark and each time it took me to the main page. I would click on message board and it would just take me back to the same place. I quit trying late yesterday evening. This morning I came here and wa la first thing it came right up. As for the disappearing I posted day before yesterday and my whole post ended up it lost post heaven somewhere :!:

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I see you have had a busy one so far Judy and Bud. It has been quiet for me. Went for a walk yesterday morning then spent the rest of the day reading. I have to stop once in a while because my eyes blur so much that I can't see the page. I read almost a whole book. Won't take me long to finish it.

It will seem strange to not have a car again for a while at least but I just can't afford to find out what the problem is and get it fixed and put the license so it will have to stay parked for a while. The bus system here is pretty good but it takes longer to do anything and of coarse the bus doesn't go out to the farm where I buy fruit and vegetables this time of year. I will have to depend on the Farmer's Markets and trucks parked on the side of the road in my area. The farm is about half the price but at least it is fresh and local.

I see a lot of you are in the middle of a heat wave. The weather here is just crazy.Usually by now our temperature is up to 100 and over but this year it is staying cool and getting a lot more rain. Not the flood type rains but rain this late in my is not the normal. I don't mind the cool or the rain really as long as I can get out and walk. If I go too many days without walking it is hard to start back.

Well everyone have a great weekend. It will be a quiet one for me. Will be back here if the site stays up.

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Happy sunday to all and happy memorial day too. I'd like to thank all the service folks , so here's to all of you for all you are doing and did in the past. Watched a lttle F1 from Monaco this am. Indy coming up later, then Charlotte. I'll catch highlites later. too nice out to be a potato today. I'm glad I was able to get back here this morning. Susan asked me if I posted something that was inapropriate. My god, I hope not. I know I babble, but I spent a while wondering if it was me only who got the exit. Bud, I'm even more impressed to see that you ride a recumbant. I truly admire your efforts. Glad to be back on. Alan

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I could not work around the glitch yesterday - Bud, you are pretty clever. I ended up hosting brunch. Made a leek and asparagus quiche, M made fruit salad, I made cinnamon rolls - from a tube! I lost to the impulse to buy them at Trader Joe's. Good to have them for company. Not as good as homemade, but not bad. Homemade yogurt and decaf coffee too.

Discussed what to do with my Dad as my brother and sil move back to Southern California. He lives in an adult family home. We will ask him his preference tomorrow, but wanted to work through the options. Does he stay or does he go? Take this WWII vet out for lunch!

It was suppose to be rainy yesterday, but it was beautiful and not too hot. M worked in the yard in the afternoon and I sat on the couch and read, with our "not" lap cat on my lap! We were both in the sun. Our cats just keep changing their habits. Today was suppose to be the good day, but it is gray and cloudy out there.

Lily and Alan - thanks for opening the air this morning.

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I too could not get on this site yesterday! Like Lilyjohn when I clicked on my favorites it brought me to the main site and asked me to log on. I put my info and it kept saying unrecognized! There was nothing I could do.

Well just now I decided to try again . Back to normal. Clicked on favorites and was right here as usual.

A little bit on rain when I came out of church this am, clouds still now. They say more storms this evening. Boy all this rain sure has the grass growing!

Hope all are feeling good today.

Donna G

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Hello All

Wow what a busy time. Since last Thursday I have been on the go as my family from far and wide converged on my humble abode.

I had to drive the four hours from work to Durban to my home pick up my car and trailer and then drive an hour to the airport.

My daughter Brenda was first to arrive and we had something to eat while waiting for my son and his family.

They eventually arrived my son Neil and his wife Mary Jane and the two children Amy and Altick.

We left the airport and arrived home at about 8.30.

My other daughter arrived on friday at about8.30.

Then it was busy busy busy as everyone wanted to do shopping and we had a barbeque every day. Today we went and visited my sister on the Natal south coast and had a very good day.

I have just arrived home after dropping Michelle off at the aitrport as she has to work tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be busy as everyone does all the last minute shopping and then about 4.00 pm I will take them all to thr airport and send them all home. Then its back home to collect my van and possesions and head back to Ladysmith to start work on Tuesday.

All in all its been a very hectic but happy family weekend.

Chat later


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O.k., my Air post should be right there between Lily and Alan. Now, what did I say. First that our temp high expected was 88 but Stan swears it's 92. He doesn't like the heat and always paints the worst possible scenario so....

And I told Lily my experience with the site was like hers. Sounds like a few others too. We're all happy to be here and together again.

Bud, I commented on you in the race, love the picture of those younger guys watching you pass them on the hills. Love it!

Also told you about our evening out to dinner and watching the key deer. The dinner at No Name Pub in Big Pine was just o.k. The deer watching was great. We saw about a dozen. Best was a group of seven or eight that we sat and watch awhile. The group included two little ones. Not babies but certainly this spring's fawns.

Donna, hope you can recruit someone else to mow that grass lol. Stephanie, brunch sounds yum. Really good you guys are letting your Dad make the decision. That's what parents really want as we age. Ron, what a great family event it sounds like you all had! And Alan, don't ever worry about babbling. I think we all do our share of that lol.

Slept 10 hours last night. Not regaining energy at the pace I'd like. Hope I can walk without oxygen by Thur.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Well, looks like it was a site or host issue for sure! All of us were trying. Like you all, I got the home page only and it didn't know my log in. It was like the Message Board part of the site was down.

Today was going to be a go to church, get food and head out with friends that have a boat. The weather forecast looked good for that! Here I sit, at my computer, with thunder and lighting outside and rain. Got to love the Great Lakes. High pressure builds up and it hits land and BAM!

So we made a bunch of munchies and will head over to the friends house that has the boat and sit inside and eat, and maybe play games. It's okay.

Ronnie, sounds like a lot of fun! Good for you.

Donna, Randy mowed yesterday, but didn't do the close cut because it's growing so fast. He was going to head out tomorrow to finish the job.

Steph, quiche, fruit salad and cinnamon rolls! I'm on my way! Sounds like a nice time this weekend. Hope Dad is happy with whatever he decides he wants to do. Nice to take that WWII Vet out for lunch!

Alan, nope, you can't get booted off this place without someone telling you! LOL.

Lily, I love to read, and like you, I can read for long periods of time, but then the eyes seem to cross and the pages blur and the next thing you know, I'm napping!

Well, hope you all have a nice rest of the weekend! Haven't seen Eric this weekend!

Judy in MI

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