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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Guess everyone's sleeping in this mornig. I went to bed at my usual 9 pm so I can't complain about being up at 6:30 am.

Lunch with the investment club at noon. After breakfast at Denny's earlier in the week and the Cafe with Maggie yesterday, I've already gained a couple of pounds. Chico's isn't exactly lo cal with their homemade chips and salsa. Stan's leaving tomorrow for 4 or 5 days so I'll be able to drop some when I'm cooking for myself lol.

Hope you all have a good day.

Judy in KW

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I did try and sleep a little late. But a friend sent me a text message and I need to take my mom to pick up her car at the Dealer. I ran to the post office and picked up a letter and I'm now back to the computer waiting for mom and guess I'll review my information for mondays hearing. Sigh. I will take a break this afternoon and go get my nails done later.

It is already warming up out there. If I was in better shape I might walk up and get my mom's car it is less than a mile away. Me walk - nevermind.

I hope everyone is going out and having fun today - I will check back in later.


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Good morning. I slept until 6am this morning. I really made up for the past two nights. Nothing to help you sleep like getting a worry off your mind. Speaking of that I got my car back last night. Everything checks out good. A hose that was causing the problem was changed and they didn't even charge for it only the labor. Clint even got the license and put it on. Now I have wheels again and I don't have to pay him now. I can wait until after my daughter and granddaughter leave and pay a little at a time. Only a couple hundred to pay back.

I got up a little later as I said and by the time I took my shower it was past 7:30 before I went out to walk. There was no breeze and it felt hot even knowing it is just in the 70s right now. My biggest problem was and is my allergies are kicking up big time this morning. I didn't take my medicine when I first got up either so I was having a hard time walking. I didn't go very far, maybe a half mile round trip if that much. Still I feel that if I go out and walk even a little it is better than nothing. I guess with the heat on and my car back I will have to find places to walk inside. I hate mall walking but may do it more like window shopping. At least I will be walking some.

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I was a little worried still about what they would find wrong with my car and how much it would cost but decided to just leave it go for a while. I had to go to WalMart for a tube of medication. My bottom partial is making a sore on my mouth. Needless to say I am not going to the dentist unless I have to. At least not for a while. I know that they need to be replaced but I need breathing room before taking on another big expense. Anyway that trip takes two buses there and two again coming home. So almost 3 hours to go about a mile and back. I thought about walking it or at least part of it but it is just too soon after being sick. So I decided not to hurry. I waited for the buses and found ways to connect where it cut off some time then took off on another bus to go to the other side of town. I had Chinese food for lunch then came home.

It was such a beautiful day. Perfect weather. The sky was that California sky blue that we have in areas were there is no smog. A few small wispy clouds and a gentle breeze. The temperature got into the low 90s but didn't feel that bad. When I got off of the last bus I decided not to wait and ride all the way around so I walked the half mile home from the mall. Not bad at all. I really enjoyed my day.

Do you ladies think it is something in the air that seems to be giving us all three a little break from stress? Judy KW it is so good to see you talking about your orchids and enjoying yourself and Annette you sound so much more relaxed. It is about time we all had a little break :!:

So today I am going at it big time. Those dust bunnies go and hide when I close the blinds but today I am searching them out. Going to move bedroom furniture and vacuum behind everything and change sheets, wash bedspread and mattress cover. Furniture will get dusted with a damp cloth and those blinds aren't safe either. I think that is where the dust bunnies hide when I can't find them :idea:

I've got a pot of pinto beans on the stove and they can cook while I work. Later I will make some pan bread, biscuit dough cooked in a cast iron skillet on top of the stove, and smothered potatoes to go with them. I usually make corn bread but I don't have anything to make it with and don't feel like going out. Anyway that pan bread has been running through my mind.

Well if I am going to war on dust bunnies I had better get started. Have a GREAT day everyone.

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All this cleaning is making me hungry for those beans Lillian. (I won't mention that I just got back from taking my mom go get her car from the repair shop - I beat her home even though I stopped at the grocery store and got a few things for dinner tonight and tomorrow and picked myself up a snack (cracker Jacks - yumm).

I think that I have discovered a way to help everyone here....

You are getting sleepy, very sleepy, your eyelids are getting heavy, very heavy, Bruce put down that eyeliner, you are getting very sleepy. Now when I clap my hands and your eyes open you will awaken feeling refreshed and your house will seem to be cleaner.

Ok - how many people have cleaner houses?

A whole bag of cracker jacks gone - it must have been whoever was here cleaning up while I was resting earlier.



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Good Evening Everyone,

Busy day today,out and about with Jennifer shopping for home decoration materials,she is moving back in with Chris and wants his flat to have a complete makeover.Her contract at Anniesland College finished yesterday,so she is now unemployed and has the time to spare to carry out the makover,before starting her new job second week in July,I think she is going to take the Glasgow teaching job and not the London one.

Well I had a great night last night,with the Ladies Star Trekk walk around Glasgow,turnout was just short of 300 which was a bit dissapointing since the target was 700,it rained all day,so I guess it put a lot of people off turning up.However for those who did turn up,they did have a really good time,hats off to the organisers,it was really wellstaged.Radio Clyde 1 was there to provide the musical entertainment,also organised was Zumba sessions to warm up to,fortunately,early on in the evening the rain fizzled out.I did as you would expect, take loads of pics of the entertainment pre-walk session and of course the walk itself,through Glasgow,we had excellent support from the police dept who provided us with an escort throughout the walk,they also held up the traffic at every crossing point on the route,lots of support from the public cheering us on our way and passing motorists,sounding their horns.

I have burned my pics onto a DVD to pass on to David McCue of the Roy Castle LC Foundation.org for their circulation,I think he will be pleased with the results.Just spent a frustating hour,unsuccessful,I may add, in trying to tranfer my pics from the SD from my camera into Facebook and here,oh I wish I had a brain,I will be seeing Chris tonight,see if he can talk me through the process-again.

I am meeting Jennifer and Chris at eight tonight at the Bon Accord Pub in Glasgow,we are going to see the Morgan Lee folk band,it should be a great night.Got to go, its just on 7pm,grab a bite to eat and on my way,may drop by after I get home,probably after midnight?Bye.

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Wow, Annette, I do feel refreshed, and I do think my house looks cleaner, at least by my standards. LOL

Randy had big BBQ Grillin' stuff going on all day. Way too much testosterone around here, so I took off first thing and was gone all day running errands, shopping, and just goofing off. It was nice. Took myself out for lunch, a yummy sloppy chili dog and fries. Ah....soul food. LOL!

Found a cute pair of white shoes for summer. They are as cute as they can be when you have lousy feet like I do. Also got a couple new tops, and blouses. I have not shopped for clothes in a couple of years. It kind of felt good even though I'm not a great shopper. Just knowing a pay check is coming motiated me to haunt the sale aisles and find some deals.

I noticed large parties at houses, and wondered what could be happening. Then I realized it's Father's Day tomorrow! We forget because both our parents have been gone so long, and we are not parents.


Judy in MI

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