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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 78 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 103.

Bud the rest of us slugs are happy to see you take a day and chill out.

I think we all need a day of vegetating now and then. I'm going to have well over 800 miles on the bike in June, a very good mileage month for me, plus there have been lots of 100+ degree days this month, so an easy day in air conditioning now and then has to be a good thing, I'm thinking.

I read an article yesterday over on Huffington Post that I thought was pretty good. It was written by David Katz, MD, the Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center. He'd had a cancer patient come to him after surgery and ask what he could do to best prevent the cancer from coming back (lots of us can identify with that, right?), which made Dr Katz put together his Super 6 list for good health.

Like most medical doctors, he tends to just blow off supplements, but other than that, I thought it was a good list for those of us really focused on our health.

MI Judy, I hope the shoes work well for you. That does sound like a good thing to try.

It looks like both Eric and Annette are already geeked about his trip. It will be a grand trip, for sure.

Stephanie, meet Stephanie. Stephanie, Stephanie.

Have a great day, all!

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Another busy morning at work. We are supposed to get rain later today so I hope it cools things off.

Lots of work to get accomplished but I am having trouble closing Spider Solitaire - a new game just keeps popping up every time I hit that new game button. I may have a virus - called "Vacationitus" you know the one - where your extra special vacation is coming up and your mind no longer focuses on anything work related.

Now I am really worried because our AA just came in and said her doctor might put her in the hospital - she has a "mass" floating close to her "her" parts. (She had stomach cancer many years ago.) I think this office may just be jinxed - so say a little prayer for Jama if you can.

I better run see if I can help her - anything to put off my own work. Check back later,


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Good morning!

It's cool again! Nice. Beautiful breeze, and in the 60's. I'm loving this. It's supposed to be nice for the rest of the week, so all that rain blew all the humidity out and it's gorgeous.

I've been sleeping so much lately! Today as I stumbled out of bed way too late, I made a resolution that I'm going to start setting my alarm to get me up. I have lots I want to do, but can't get much done when I'm sleeping until 11:00. What a sot.

My cell phone at home has not worked since last Thursdays storms. I'm getting ticked now. They say it's fixed, and it's not. I don't have a landline phone, so I'm pretty much out of touch unless I drive to get service. This is bull---- and I'm about to go raise some big time trouble!

Well, not much going on here. I'll pop back in later.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Beautiful sunshine but am sure it's really hot outside. Don't know, been stuck inside lol. Wanted to get in the office but haven't made it. Had to do laudry soaking from my salsa spill yesterday. Then I decided to bake--had cakemix left from making these little muffins in that red cooker I bought and never use. Chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Stephanie's reminding me of how much I used to love baking. Seldom did box mixes but thought I'd better start easy.

Lily, it's Bruce's baby steer. I just bugged him til he sent me pics. I've been trying to get them onsite for months but I get photo stupid sometimes.

Annette we're all excited about Eric's trip. We'll visit vircariously through you and the other people fromt he site he gets to visit.

Bud, good to hear you're satisfied with your numbers to date. You have a lot of hot weather to get through and we all want you to be safe with the heat.

Before I sign off, I have to say we lost two more family memberz. My dear cousin Bill was helping his BIL into the car to go for his dialysis. They had a mishap and the BIL, a much larger man, fell on Bill. Bill wound up having brain surgery and couldn't speak. We thought he was getting better but died yesterday from a blood clot. The BIL died a week or so ago. I just don't believe this keeps going on and on. My counsin Louise lost her husband and brother within a couple of weeks. After my sister's experience, it's just too bizarre.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon everyone.

It's a great day here, as we have been getting rain on a daily basis. We had a nice shower this morning and it looks as if more rain may be on the way. I hear there is a tropical disturbance churning out there, so this may be a soggy 4th of July weekend. I really won't even mind, as you all how I hate the reaqlly dry season.

KW Judy, so very sorry for your loss. It sounds like a very unfortunate tragedy.

Hope everyone is having a nice day. Today is going much better for me than yesterday. After missing work on Thursday and Friday, my desk was piled high when I came in yesterday morning. I stayed at the office until 7:00 last night, trying to catch up so that today would be smoother.

Convention went well but there was little time left for any fun, as all of our meetings lasted way overtime. On Thursday, I was in meetings from 1:00 until 8:30, all day Friday and Saturday from 8:30 until 8:30....12 long hours. On Sunday morning, we started off the day for a nice memorial service and then I was installed. The installation was so nice and I am so honored to serve as District 12 president for the upcoming year.


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