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Morning All! Is this the evening Eric arrives or is it tomorrow? Will go back and check. We are all so excited.

Into the three-day holiday weekend and hope you all have something good planned. My good news is that Stan will not be out for weeks as I thought. He has time to come home between this and the next job. He might not make it for the 4th but that's o.k. I'm resigned to watching fireworks on the TV--that is if I can stay awake lol.

This will be short. It's not my best morning. Feeling a bit punky since I got up. I'll go have breakfast and see if that helps. A friend might be stopping by later and I could use the distraction.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning Judy. It looks like it will be another slow weekend. I guess it should be expected sense it is a holiday weekend.

I'm glad for you that your husband will get to be home at least for a little while. I worry about you being on your own after Chemo. Do you have any neighbors that check on you?

I guess Eric is either getting ready or on the first leg of his trip. I think he is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I know that he will really cause a sensation in his Kilt and Lungevity T Shirt. Publicity should be good for the cause.

I cut my walk a little short this morning. I was up early but by the time I had my coffee and a shower it was getting close to 7am and the temperature was already climbing. I just took one trip up the hill and went a little further. We are supposed to go out to the bridge tonight and walk but I already told Geri that if the temperature is 95 or over at 8 I am not going. I can't take that kind of heat. I love going there to walk. It is such a beautiful place and if you go down under the bridge the temperature drops about 10 or 15 degrees by the water. It is the getting there that is rough in the heat.

I was supposed to buy paper supplies for our community room so we would have them for our pot luck Monday. I forgot so as soon as I finished walking I left for WalMart. It was already getting hot and you should have seen the people out at that hour both walking and in the store. A lot of people walk here. It is really a good place for walking but you have to be aware of how hot it can get. I saw one time when it got up to 119. The official temperature that day was 114 but that was out at the airport. It is a lot hotter where there is blacktop or cement.

I really don't get as uncomfortable in the heat as I did in Louisiana. That humidity just got to be too much for me when I started getting older. When I was younger I would work outside in the yard or the garden in the heat of the day. That is just one of the things I am paying for now I guess. I wouldn't have such a problem with the heat but for my blood pressure medication. Sense I have been on that I can't take as much sun or heat.

Sara it was good to see you back. I hope that you are feeling even better and pray that your scans will bring you the greatest news.

Annette I admire you for your sense of humor at times when most people would either be throwing things or crying. It is always better to laugh but as they say that is easier said than done.

Bud I hope you are having a great day fishing. There has been a lot of fishing going on in the river here. The Sacramento River runs right through town, If you looked at my pictures on facebook you saw it. There is a trout that is native to the river and has been planted in places all over the world. There is also a good Salmon run this year. The season on Salmon had been closed because of a depleted population in the river but this year they re opened it.

Judy MI I hope that you are enjoying your beautiful weather and are feeling great health wise. I know that I am missing a lot of you but my mind is drawing a blank right now as to what you all posted yesterday. I did read last night but after my walk yesterday morning and shopping for half the day walking through 4 of the biggest stores in town my mind and body were exhausted :!:

So now I am off of here and will tend to fixing some lunch. I bought some ribs and fresh corn yesterday so am thinking that will make a pretty good lunch and salad for tonight. I also have several fruits to make a smoothie with later today. I didn't go out to the farm this morning because I had bought some pretty good peaches and cherries at the store yesterday. I also didn't want to take my 92 year old neighbor out in the heat.

Have a good day everyone and Eric I can't wait to read your first post in the states and see some pictures.

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Hi y'all!

Well, the weather took an abrupt change. LOL. Serious. The humidity is at 1000% and it's 90. We had an outdoor wedding to go to in the early afternoon. It was nice but amazingly hot and steamy. They had a lovely spread of food, but when it's hot like this, I don't have much of an appetite.

Now we're basking in the A/C for an hour, and then off to my Great-niece One year birthday party. That will be indoors, and that will be a good thing.

Tomorrow we'll go to church, then off to a party and fireworks after dusk. We're making 3 flavors of grilled chicken wings, and at the party will grill banana's and drizzle caramel sauce on them. In addition we're going to grill halved jalapeno's (seeds out) and fill them with Santa fe cream cheese with grilled sausage in it. Yum!

Judy, I thought Eric was arriving today, and meeting up with Annette tomorrow. I might be wrong, but I think that was the deal. He will make quite the splash with his kilt and t-shirt! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Lily, wow. 114! That is hugely hot! But even though people laugh, a dry heat is much better than the humidity. What we have going on will bring on big storms tonight. Because of the big Lake Michigan, the high pressure builds in this humidity, and then storms and it's supposed to be very nice tomorrow, mid 80's no humidity.

Judy, so glad Stan will be able to come home for a bit. I'm with Lily, hoping you have a neighbor to check on you. Enjoy those TV fireworks!

I'm out of here. On to the next party.

Judy in MI

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This is the first day that I just don't feel like I have time to properly spend reading everyone's posts....


Eric has landed - I just talked to him. He has safely checked into his hotel in Philadelphia and called to check in here. Now I am more excited than ever. One more day...

Bad thing is I will probably have to delay our outing Wednesday to go to court. Yep - once more with feeling. The kid (who should have been taken in Thursday for a Friday hearing) is going back in for a probation violation and possession charge. But - I am not going to let it mess up our plans for Tuesday - we are going to Colonial Williamsburg and out tour guide will be my daughter who knows way too much about Virginia history. I intend to act like I taught her everything she knows. Her and Keith should have lots of fun "torturning" me and telling Eric about our history.

Keith is bathing the cat (a must for guests) so he will shed less - Blue furniture and a white and orange cat hmmm not my best idea but you gotta have a pet.

Anyway - I just wanted to pop on and let everyone know our guest in stateside.


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Good evening everyone! I just wanted to again say thanks for all the replies I got on my intro and let you know that we made it through our vacation. It was great! Rented a house in Rockport, TX and just hung out, fished, and went swimming. A week of nothing to worry about and just enjoying time with my husband and kids. Dropped the kids off at my in-laws this afternoon where they will stay for the next week and came by to see my parents this evening and tomorrow. A great week of oblivion and now reality has come crashing back in on all sides!

Over the last week, my mom has gone downhill very quickly. She hasn't eaten anything the last two days, hardly drinks anything, and hasn't been able to get out of bed since Monday... The doctor said that they think we only have a couple of weeks, but my dad feels like it will be soon than that. It is really hard to see her like this, but my dad is the one that I'm really worried about. He's taking off work to stay home and is here 24/7 taking care of her. We live 4 hours away and have to go home tomorrow so I can go back to work on Tuesday, so we can't really help. My grandparents have been coming over and helping so that my dad can get out of the house for a little while, but it is hard. My brother is going to try and fly in on Tuesday, but he's said that before so we'll see...

Unfortunately I have a huge event that I'm taking part in next weekend, so unless something happens we won't be able to come down next weekend. I'm head of a group organizing a weekend long convention and will be Master of Ceremonies at the banquet on Saturday night. I have to get up and talk in front of nearly 200 people! This is a big deal for me, because just a few years ago I wouldn't even leave Jimmy's side when we went somewhere because I was so shy. It is amazing how we can change if we find something to start that swing!

Well I guess I better get to bed... Up late last night getting everything ready to come home and then couldn't go to sleep thinking about everything I had to do after I got home...

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!



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