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stress can get things wrong

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Hi All I have NSCLC not SCLC seen surgion on Wed, but my voice had gone so I had to have Bronchoscopy on Friday to see why . My left vocal cord is paralysed so now they will not opperate. I am to have a new CT Scan on Monday this thing must be growing at a fast rate to now be pressing on my vocal cord. It is so frusterating not being able to talk. Thanks for reply's on my last post. I am not very good on the computer hard to teach old dogs new tricks. See you soon. Gaye

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So sorry about the voice. Many of us would just hate it if we couldn't talk. But you can "talk" here and you are doing just fine on the computer.

Bronchoscopy on Friday and CT on Monday--we'll be waiting and watching for results.

Judy in KW

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Hi Gaye, I don't know if my case and yours are in any way the same but I lost my voice in the beginning too. The scans showed that the tumor was invading my spine. The nerves that come out of the T1 vertebrae actually control the voicebox and some other areas. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my vocal cords at all. Once the tumor shrunk, my voice came back 100%. I hope they find out that they can help you. A bronchoscopy should reveal alot of info for them. Good luck and let us know what happens.

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Hi Gaye,

Sorry about being a bit late welcoming you,I am sorry to hear about your dx,I know from my experience of this time on my cancer journey everything takes some getting used to,appointments,tests/scans, reports, treatment plans etc,all having the effect of increasing anxiety levels.

I found on discovering this site, I was given so much support,I began to relax a bit and realise after a while, things were never as bad as they first seemed,in fact, for all my dark imaginings nothing ever came close to reality.I wish you well for your scan today,may the report be better than you expected.

I am sure being here, you will find your burdens lightened.

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I read this because of the subject / topic : stress can make things worse.

I hope you're doing way better now. Please do update us so we know?

My mom is a stressball of note! And I'm sure a lot of her healing depends on her stopping the stress. But it seems like the most impossible task sometimes. Are all women like this? Or is it just me getting it all wrong?

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