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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 84 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 106. It was 105 degrees as I rode home yesterday afternoon. I never saw another rider the entire 12 miles. There aren't many cyclists on the road when it's 105 degrees, it would appear.......LOL.

I was looking at my electric bill last week. It has some good comparison information on it. Last year, from June 13th to July 13th, the average daily high temperature in Crowley was 94. This year's average daily high during the same stretch of June and July? 102. In spite of it being an average of 8 degrees warmer this year, our electricity usage was less. Our practice of turning up the house thermostat and running our window unit air conditioner at night must be helping.

MI Judy, there seem to be lots of movies that don't do anything for me these days. You can pretty much pick any Will Ferrell movie and I can't sit through it. I tend to like adventure, science fiction, and kids movies. I think I enjoyed all the Shrek movies more than the grandkids did......LOL.

KW Judy, I hope your chemo side effects aren't too bad today. Take care of that cold, Eric. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning,

Yes, Bud, we agree. We LOVE kids movies. We did watch "Just Go With It" last night, with Jennifer Anniston, and Adam Sandler. It was a silly romantic comedy but enjoyable. There's nothing on TV right now but re-runs and reality TV, so watching movies seems to be what we are doing.

Well, I just called to cancel my appt. with the foot doctor nurse. She was to fit me with orthotics today. Well my foot is purple, and I may have broken it, rather than the toe I thought I broke yesterday. So we changed the appointment for an hour later with the good doctor. I'm sure they will X-ray it and see if it is broken. *sigh*

Eric, you should be in Chicago by now! Welcome to the Midwest of the USA! Hope your cold is not dragging you down. I also hope your expectations of our country have been okay. I know you have been let down by a few things, and I feel bad about that. Enjoy the Windy City. Though I see it's supposed to be hotter than hot in the next couple of days.

So, I'm going to go ice the foot some more and try not to be in pain. Have a good day.

Judy in MI

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Hi guys -

I have been wanting to start back up in "the air" for some time - I used to be here daily ( I stopped because I got a bit too addicted!) - but it kept feeling awkward to just jump in to the conversation! So today I promised myself I would just do it! I miss the "air" friendships.

Anyway - so I just wanted to pop in and say hi - and I will try to stop by daily - to see how you are all doing -

Weather check in CT - perfect - 83 and sunny. I live 1/4 mile from the Long Island Sound - so it is probably a beach day - every day is a beach day!

Looking forward to getting to know the new friends and reconnecting with the old!

peace - Janet

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Hi Janet, welcome back! I do agree that the "Air" is addicting. But it's because we just are such a great group of people! I look forward every morning when I wake, to log in and see who is on. Look forward to getting to know you.

I lived in CT for a couple of years on the Long Island Sound. Beautiful!

Judy in MI

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I am not gonna admit that I am addicted to the Air - nope not gonna do it. I mean really - when I sleep at night I don't check it. And I hardly every worry about my friends here - well except all day. And I hardly ever roll on the floor laughing at some of the funnies we share - cause it's important to share them first - then reread them and laugh again. I think that thinking of everyone here as an extended family makes it okay to check back frequently. So that said,

Hi Janet.

I hope Judy (KW) is feeling okay today - ?

Judy (MI) I hope it is not broken that would not be fun. You will just have to put off the shoes for a bit - hopefully in the long run everything will work out.

I am just back from the torture family meeting. Now we are seriously in the search for an in-patient place for the brat. He was very accepting and well-mannered - knew he needed help - so hopefully that is a step in the right direction. It may mean months before he comes home - but if it fixes what is broken so be it.

Better get myself back to work -


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Judy in MI - where in Ct did you live? I live in Old Saybrook - (where the Ct river meets the sound). We have been here for 27 years. CT wouldn't have been my first choice of places to end up - but you can't beat the smell of the salt water to make you feel good on a down day!

Thanks for the welcome guys!

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Hey Janet,

I lived (unfortunately for back then) in Bridgeport. I did not like that city, but loved the closeness to the Sound, and it was central so I could get North to the prettier areas, or go South to NYC, so that I enjoyed.

Maybe that city is in better shape now? Back then they called it the "armpit" of CT. LOL. No matter, it is a beautiful state, and I loved living out East.

Judy in MI

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So good to have you back.

Judy in MI,

No breaking bones, y'hear!


Do your tires make grooves in the asphalt at that temperature? Will the county send you a repair bill?


A friend of mine had to send both of her boys to residential high school, one a tough lock up type. One just graduated from college, and the other starts this fall. It is great to hear them not only surviving, but thriving. The best parenting is not always enough, and your 'brat' has had a lot to deal with of and beyond. Hope it works.

Oh - gray sky, 61 degrees.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thanks for your good wishes regarding my cold,still here, but I promise this little bug I refuse to let develope into man-flu,just back from a great day out,exhausted.Well having visited our LUNGevity office in Washington DC,it was time to hit the headquarters in Chicago,I phoned ahead to give the staff forewarning,you got to give people a fair chance to escape the building,have'nt you?.Well I got properly dressed for the occassion,must pass KatieB's muster,so kilt check-Breathe Deep T-Shirt check,off I went,what welcome,nobody had bailed out, Barbara and all her team made me so welcome,took some photographs (will post in soon as).Well we chatted,it was then decided,two volunteers to show Eric a bit of Chicago,decided on a river and lake boat trip to have a good look around Chicago's architecture,it was just great,as my pics will show,prior to boarding the boat,we visited the newly erected statue of Marilyn Munroe,at 30ft tall she is going to be a must for tourists to visit,its of course the famous walking over the grill scene,I promise I kept my eyes at street level LOL,imagine my two companions were unaware of the film she was in with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis-"Some Like It Hot" a must see for everyone who likes films.After the boat trip it was time to say good bye to my two companions,however I do have tomorrow with some company of LUNGevity staff,we are going to visit the planetarium,perhaps even a museum,thank you Barbara for you and your staffs efforts showing me around.

Oh last night,I was planning a early one,first a beer in the bar and then to bed,see if I can shake off this cold,well I got chatting to a fellow hotel guest,who was here with his family,his name was Scott,(Irish background)as we chatted his wife turned up,they had planned going out for a meal,well he asked me would I like to join them?,well no need to be asked twice,we went to Chinatown,a really authentic Chinese restaurant,ie,the only other customers were all Chinese,so I just knew the food was going to be good,and it certainly was,the table was laid with 3 different dishes in the centre of the table,and with the use of only chopsticks,we were able to sample all three dishes,Scott refused to accept my contribution to the bill,not only that during the meal he disapeared for a while,when he retuned he handed me a box as a present,it contained a jade type buddha? which was a good luck charm for good health,thanks guys, for sharing your night with me,it was very much appreciated.I really have to say,the generosity of Americans towards me has been overwhelming.

Going to have a short nap,before dinner tonight,I will post in my pics later.Bye everyone.

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Hi Eric, Alan here. Man you sure are covering alot of ground. You've seen more of America and Canada than most Americans. While you're in Chicago, don't pass up a Chicago dog or 2. Not just a plain old hot dog. Ask for it Chicago style. It's a must. They also are famous for their deep dish pizza. Great with a pitcher of lager. not a pint, a pitcher. then there's the sausages. Chicago is the meat packing capitol of the country, I think. It's great hearing your stories and I really admire your photo skills. Stay in touch with your homeward train plans as there's still a chance to meet. Hope you get over that cold. The air in the trains always seems a bit stale. Maybe that's it. The Western states will amaze you. You will be awstruck. Don't forget the hot dog. Alan

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Hi Allan,

Just back in my hotel room,9.45pm,I had a pizza dinner from the corner pizzeria,think the chef had left the building and left the cleaner in charge,sorry but that was the worst pizza I have ever eaten,well eaten is an exaggeration,I left most of it,the waiter wanted to know if I wanted to take away the portion that was left,well thank you but no.I did retire to the bar for a beer and a couple of Drambuies on the rocks,my cold is preventing me from tasting anything,but hopefully my wee drinkies will see these germs off.

Allan,I am really sorry to have missed meeting up with you,I just know we would hit it off,if there is anyway I can adjust my schedule to allow us to meet,I would only be too happy.Off to bed now hoping to wake up free of this rotten cold.Byee.

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