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Ok, Can I vent just a little?


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Sorry I have been gone for a while, but, boy has life happenedd in a big way to get in the way. My youngest daughter had her baby (which she gave up for adoption) Poor little fellow had a cleft lip and palate. his name to my daughter is Michael Grayson and to the adoptive parent it is Grayson Michael...Either way he is a cutie even more so now that his lip and palate have been fixed, She has an open adoption were she gets to go see him and get pictures etc. He was born in Apr. and that is about the only good news that has happened around here. My last boarder moved out in June and since then it has been down hill financially..can not pay the full house rent for July so land lord gave me a break for a little while. End of july couldn.t pay the water bill so they turned it off went two weeks getting containers full of wqater from my oldest son and going to his place to shower, had to use part of the rent to get the water back on then had to beg the phone company to leave the phones so I could hear from the Dr.s about appts. etc. figured out that I would not have enough money to make Aug rent, and told the landlord that we where leaving ( lease is up in august anyway) I am having to try to sell things that won;t fit in an apt. having to leave or donate things that won't sell. Having trouble finding an apt, Had to let one Fur Baby go as she was one to many for apt.s, then having to fight with the food stamp people again as they have screwed up my food stamps again. And now the fact that I have to start Chemo again.

May is my anniversary month because everything that has been bad in my life has happened in May. I am now going to add july and August to the list.Can I just get a break?

I have a tile on my desk the reads "FAITH, nothing will be impossible for you" I chant that like a mantra. But it doesn't seem to be working and I think Hope is on break or out to lunch.

I'm glad I got all that of my chest. Thank you for reading.

Love you all!


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Dawn, I'm with Paulette--you shouldn't have to worry about all this and undergo chemo again too. I understand coming from a place where it is difficult to accept help that feels like charity. But there comes a time when we do need help. Isn't there some group or organization who can help--a church or local charity? I'm wishing you so good stuff come your way soon.

Judy in KW

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Dawn, vent away! We will read, and listen, and understand. I'm so sorry life is kicking your butt right now. Hang in there. I rely on Phil 4:3 when it gets this tough, "I can do ALL things, through Christ, which strengtens me." You can.

Take care,

Judy in MI

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So sorry to hear all you are going through. There has to be some help out there. Is there a social worker involved in your oncology team? Mine has been great with giving me resource ideas. Also, local churches will assist with bills. Usually just 1 time per church, but it would be work a try.

I will be praying hard for you, Dawn.


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Thank you all for your kind words.

Karen, I have this neat book titled :A Helping Hand, The Resource Guide for People with Cancer ,Financial edition" I got this from Cancer Care.Org for free

Believe me when I tell you how disgusted I am with the great state of Texas which has not one financial resource listed in the entire state that is willing to assist financially with rent and utilities for people with lung cancer.

The only ones that they have are type cancer or location specific. Makes me just want to pull my hair out (oh.... wait...it will be gone starting 21 one days from yesterday) and scream. Most tell you to contact 211 ( United Way telephone which sent me a list of 53 ( yes, you read it right) organizations here in Texas that might help. I called all of them and they ALL told me to contact 211. What a circle jerk all of this was and is. :x

Sorry, venting from my soapbox again. And Again thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers, you really don't know how appreciated they are :D


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