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Sheesh, just posted at 4:13AM and it's gone. Darn it.

Anyway, I'll try to recreat the post again. Eric, I so enjoy your travel stories. I hope you find a place to stay in Seattle. Hope Steph's suggestions help you. Steph, $1600 a night???? Really? That is crazy.

Today is a slow day once again. I have surveys to input on the web for the Wellness Center. I'm going to spend 2 hours on that this morning. Other than that, not much going on.

I hope your travels on the Shetland pony are safe Eric! Sounds like scary fun.

We had a cold front (I hope) move in last night. I'm looking forward to turning the A/C off and enjoying open windows! I don't even want to think about the price of my electric bill!

Paulette, hope your sleep-over with your sis was fun!

Will be calling the doc today to have a follow up. Want this infection to go away. I can't believe I've been this sick for this long! I don't have time for that!

Well, it's very early, so I'll just try to get back to some sleep. Hope you all have a good day. I'll be back later to check in.

Judy in MI

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 84 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 109, so today will likely be our 38th straight 100+ degree day here, and 7th straight 105+ degree day.

I drove to work this morning so I can get home earlier and meet a friend at Lake Benbrook this afternoon. I didn't ride either Saturday or Sunday, so I'm getting a rare three days in a row off the bike. We went out with friends Saturday night to celebrate Rose's birthday, then had lunch Sunday with friends from Oklahoma City who were in town.

Late Happy Birthday, Annette! I hope you enjoyed your easy day. It's Rose's birthday today.

Paulette, I hope you're having a good visit with your sister. I need to get to Oklahoma City to visit mine. We're only siblings.

What kind of sewing projects are you working on, Lillian? Rose has started microwaving corn that's still in the husk. It seems to be very good that way, too.

Stephanie, I've forgotten which day your birthday is. Whichever day it it, Happy Birthday!

Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning. Just a quick note then off to the shower and pick up donuts for meeting today.

I had a lazy weekend just sewing and watching the ball games. Bud I am working on another of the plastic canvas gingerbread houses and also a tissue box cover in plastic canvas. I am also working on a baby quilt and crocheting a baby blanket. I take turns working on each for a while.

Judy I hope that you got your cold front and the weather didn't get too violent when you did. Maybe too they will get you something to get your stomach straight.

Stephanie I agree with you about Washington being a beautiful place. I never got up to Seattle but lived in Centralia and loved it there. I also spent some of the happiest and some of the most heartbreaking days of my life there.

Eric I hope you find a room that you can afford and that will be up to standard. I would hate to get stuck in a strange city in a motel that may or may not be up to standards both clean wise and morally so.

Paulette hope you get some cool air soon and that we hear from Judy KW soon as well.

I have got to run now or I will not get the donuts in time and I am hoping to get at least a little walking in before I go.

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Morning All! Judy, I came in and posted after you. Come back, it's gone too--bummer.

Didn't say much. Spent last night in PSL. Wendy was working so we took Dominick to dinner. He picked--Outback. He gets some seared cold tuna appetizer, mac and cheese and most of Nonie's lamb chops lol. Wendy visited awhile after work. She's lost 60 lbs. Am so proud of her. She still has a way to go. She had gotten really big, big not tall. She is my daughter after all lol.

Did things a little differently this time since my first apptmt at MDA isn't until afternoon. We headed up this morning got settled in a site and will leave here in about an hour. Will be a long day since I was awake at 5 and up at 6 am. Got to get this sleeping thing worked out in the coach. Never get enough.

Too distracted to catch up guys. Won't get my results til tomorrow afternoon. Will be sure to post in the Update forum. By for now, have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Happy Birthday Rose!

Sky is gray. 10 day forecast is sunny, with highs from 68 to 77 degrees and lows in the high 50's. No rain till the 17th. But some 'partly cloudy' or 'partly sunny' days.

Did pick a ripe tomato yesterday. Didn't think that would happen.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just back from my Red Bus trip around Glacier,just going to get changed and then something to eat.I did find the park absolutely stunning and loads of pics to post in after some editing.I spotted a Mountain goat on a high snow ledge above us,took some hurried snaps after changing to my 300mm lens,but they are a bit blurry-drat,coming around a bend on the road,guess what? a great big bear ran across the road in front of us,so quick I didnt get a chance to photograph it,so couple of disapointments,but I do have some beautiful pics of the park,I will post them in tomorrow,I am feeling a wee bit tired just now.

Hi Stephanie,Thanks for your hotel suggestions and cautions,I like the studio idea,I really only need a bed to sleep in,so huge spaces I can do without,is it possible its available up until I leave from Seattle Airport on the 18th of August?

Got to dash folks,I am feeling I am getting in the way here a bit,I will have more time on my hands tomorrow for a blether,Bye.

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Hey Eric,

I decided to call on your behalf yesterday - and got voice mail. I wonder if the landlady is out of town? I have not gotten a response. You might try the number attached to the facebook message I sent you before. I just don't know what's up with that. It shows it open August 12-18 which would be great - your own bathroom, kitchen, and bed. Hot tub too. I'll let you know if I hear back, but you should try too!

Watch out for those mountain goats - they can be dangerous - uhm, bears too!

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