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It's o.k.


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Sometimes my intuition scares me. The day I had my scans I said outloud that I thought I should downgrade my expecations from awesome to good lol. Well, the report is stable with maybe some decrease in fluid.

What do we always say folks--stable is good. Boy the verbage of these radiologists really vary. I put the last one and this one side-by-side and they are the same but this guy makes it sound much more ominous. I won't read him anymore. I took a realistic look at the scan this time though and the thickening covers a much longer area than the one in the chest wall. This probably is not going to be as quick a fix as I was hoping. But it's all good becaue I feel good!

Judy in KW

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Judy -

Stable IS good!

And - feeling good is WONDERFUL!

I am very very careful not to let just anyone read my scans! The last few times the person who gave me the results over the phone read them without knowing my history and gave me very ominous results - growth, new mets needing more radiation etc. My Thoracic Oncologist however, looked at the same scans and explained (and showed me on the computer) that what was there was swelling not growth and that while there were new mets, they were not in need of any radiation. I only will listen to him from now on. He has been with me 4 1/2 years, he is the one I want in charge!

Enjoy your day!!!!


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We are Living with Cancer. Once we accept that, we know that stable is good news. You feeling good is even gooder! LOL

As you know, mine was NED. Then new spot. Then spot grew. Now spot didn't and maybe they mis-read the prior CT scan. Oy! It can make us crazy.

I'm with you. I feel good. I am enjoying every blessed day I have and not taking one of them for granted.

That's all we can do!


Judy in MI

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Trying to interpret less than dramatic changes always seems to be tough for medical people. But less that dramatic changes sounds a whole lot like stable, and stable is good! So is feeling well, congrats!

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Judy, I already chatted with you on facebook about this , but I wanted to find you over here too. I know that "stable" isn't all that you had hoped for , but it IS GOOD and feeling good is AWESOME! Sometimes, I think you have to put more emphasis on how you feel than what shows in those pics.. Just maybe there is more going on in the healing department than can be picked up on by those scan. Hoping you feel better and better and the next scans will show why! Continued prayers from here.



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