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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Been away since Thursday so I came into the computer this morning and dealt with email. Then came on the site and read and responded to some threads. I read the Airs I missed but saved this post til now. I know the weekend is slow and figured nobody would be looking for an early Sunday Air.

What fun yesterday was. Stan took one of my sister/cousins, two of her grown girls and my sister who lives here in NJ to Delaware in the motorcoach. None of them have traveled this way and all wanted to know where we were going next. We visited another sister/cousin who moved two yrs ago to Odessa DE. How beautiful it is there. The Peach Festival was in a nearby town. I hated to miss the parade but had a feeling I shouldn't try to do both. I was right. Oh, and I had the very best funnel cake I've had since living in Kutztown.

I'm finding visiting with family everday so wonderful but also very tiring. Tomorrow we'll be moving to a trailer park owned by some men Stan knew years ago. No RV parks anywhere around here but they accomdated us last year and will again this year. It will be close to family and friends but quieter and more restful for me. First, I'll have to catch up on business and personal stuff in the computer but I'll pace myself. Still many more places to go and people to see. Almost forgot, dinner tonight with the friends we cruised with last year!

Bud, hope you catch some fish in that kayak. People here in NJ just love the fish we bring and cook. Stan got some yellowtail snapper for my sister/cousin whose yard we stay in. She loves it. He also went deep dropping just before we left and got grouper, tile and something else I can't remember. The guys in OH really enjoyed some of that. To all of you a good day.

Judy in Mt Holly NJ

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Good afternoon all,

Feeling a little better today - actually managed to take the garbage out. Now I'm trying to work up the energy to go to the store. At least I don't feel like I have a fever today. Did I mention I wasn't feeling well - can't even remember. Working like a demon and not sleeping good - plus I haven't been to the grocery store in several weeks so I'm not eating right. I am gonna try and work up the energy to run out. I need to go to WalMart and that's a long haul when your back is saying - sit yourself back down and I mean now.

I didn't want to go too long without checking in. So many deadlines at work - no me time right now.


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Good to see you Annette. Sorry you're not feeling well. Whatever happened to going to the doctor. Did you, what did he say. What is/was the fever about? Next time you get a chance to get on, let us know o.k.

Judy in Mt Holly NJ

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Good Evening Everyone,

Well finally made it safely home,trying to sort out my sleeping patterns,I left my hotel on Thursday at 9.00am in Seattle,arriving home in Airdrie on Friday just after 9.00am,needless to say I didnt sleep throughout that period,I was a little anxious about my change of planes in only having a 90mins window at Philladelphia,but I need'nt have worried there was plenty of time,my bags were simply transferred for me to the next plane,there was a hugh electric storm at the airport in Philly,it delayed our departure for over an hour,it also altered our flight path home to avoid this storm,but both flights were very comfortable and enjoyable,on the flight to Glasgow,I ordered a wee drop of the amber nectar,with ice,do you know the cabin crew refused to accept any payment,wasnt that nice of US Airlines?.

Jennifer arrived in Airdrie to return my car,its great to have this mobility again,I didnt have the confidence to drive in the USA,since you lot decided to to upset centuries of driving on the left side of the road,and move to the wrong side,anyway I have never driven a car with an automatic gearbox,so that finished off any thoughts of hiring a car for myself.

Jennifer was supposted to be bringing Chris with her,but they had a falling out,so,Sally,Jennifer and I went out to Guidi's for a meal,super food there all washed down with a delicious Peroni.I later drove Jennifer home,then sat up into the early hours of the morning watching TV,when I woke up it was nearly noon on Saturday,strangely after being up for only a couple of hours I was so sleepy I went back to bed.Sally by the way had spent my absence absolutely sober,Jennifer maintained the grocery supply throughout and never gave Sally a single penny.Well I have to say she is the better of the alcohol absence,bright and breezy,full of energy and chat,swears she will never go back to drinking again.During my part two sleep,Sally opened the bedroom door to tell me she has taken my plastic card and go to get some shopping in,sleepily I mumbled OK.When I awoke a couple of hours later,all was quiet in the house,went downstairs to find Sally drunk in her chair,yes she did bring in some groceries,but... I checked her purse, retrieved my plastic card and £45 in cash,fooled again Eric,when will I ever learn?.Irene phones,tells me just to come over,dinners on and there's plenty to share with me,spent hours catching up with the gossip,and of course my hols,including the Seattle picture show on her TV.Max was also there,he started school last Wednesday,he just loves it,great to be with him again.

Sunday,off to ABC,everyone there wanting to hear about my trip,Sally's at home getting dressed, ready to accompany me to my sister Dots home in the afternoon,however when I return from church,she is in her chair drunk again.I give in,I have lost interest in visiting Dot,and decide to go out work in my neglected garden,Jennifer in exchange for getting my car was supposed to be cutting the grass once a week,but didnt (too many other things on her plate)Oh some good news,since Anniesland College dropped all the part-time contracts of teaching staff,Jennifer being one of many losing her job,has been contacted by the senior lecturer there offering her some work is year,just to be ratified by HR and she can start.

Well its back to me being at least 5 hours ahead of you,I wish you all a very pleasant remainder of Sunday,back to gyming and swimming for me to-morrow,bye.

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