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Morning All! Worked in the orchid room for probably 2 hrs yesterday! Was whooped but feeling satisfied. Working on the floor--weeds grow between the inlaid tiles and vines grow all over the place. Had to quit half way through. Not that I had the energy to do more lol. As I got to the end of one side, I realized some vines and weeds were covered with white fly. When you cut them out the flies go in the air and fearfully on my orchids. I left the second side for them to feed on. Oddly, I read a remedy in the paper this morning that I will try. Yellow non-sticky construction tape available at hardware stores. Spray, paint or dip it in olive oil. Easy and certainly worth a try.

Don't believe I have to get ready to leave again on Saturday. I am definitely not ready. It's our usual stop in PSL, then on to Orlando. Have plans with David and family on Sunday. Dave may have to go out of town for his job but, if so, we'll take Kym and the boys out for brunch. Mon & Tue scans and onc appointment.

Am anxious to hear from Wendy and Dominick. They went on a cruise but I don't remember her saying when they were due back lol. My brain is mush.

By the way, anyone following the Amanda Knox trial. Hard not to. My heart goes out to her and her family.

Have to get in the office again so have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Good morning all,

Yeah, Judy, I've been following the Knox trial. I didn't a year ago when this all started. I don't know what to think. It's pretty sensational!

Well, it's 38 here and supposed to get to 70! Wow what a giant swing in temps. It's supposed to be very cold at night, and in the low to mid 70's all week. Nice.

I don't have much to write about. This week is relatively quiet for me. I miss it when only two or three post in here because there's not much to write about. I enjoy it when a bunch of us come in and then it gets interesting and fun.

So, I'll just wish everyone a nice day.

Judy in MI

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Good morning Judy and Judy. Although today is my least favorite day of the week, it seems to be rolling along a a pretty fast clip and that makes me happy.

I had a really busy weekend and there was no time to get any "me" time in but, nonetheless, it was good. On Saturday morning, I had to be in Port St. Lucie ( Judy in KW knows this area well) for a District Auxiliary meeting. The meeting began at 11:00 but I was told it was to start at 10:00, so I was there really early. It takes us just about an hour to make that drive, so I was up bright and early. Yesterday, I walked with one of our Auxiliary Units in walk for the American Cancer Society. It was a beautiful, early morning walk and a great day followed. I have to say that I was completely exhausted and I fell asleep in the car (hubby was driving) on the way home.

I have an appointment with my doctor this afternoon and am very anxious about seeing him. Right after I came back from Minneapolis, I noticed a burning, feeling across my upper back. It feels like a terrible sunburn with a million little grains of sand rubbing across. There's no itching and very little, if any, redness. I went for an appointment on Friday morning and was given prednisone to see if that would help. No help...still in pain. Doctor said not shingles, so he ordered a lot of blood work on Friday and I get results today.

Our weather this weekend has been absolutely beautiful. We're supposed to have highs in the mid-80's up until Friday and then the heat is set to return. I so miss being in Tennessee during the fall.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!


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Good Evening Everyone,

Well temps now back to normal,cloudy blustery Autumn day.I had a very enjoyable weekend,Saturday,met up with my young friend,wet miserable day we decided not to go for a trip in the countryside,settled instead for a lovely meal in my favourite Italian restaurant in Glasgow La Vita,enjoyed a pleasant afternoon in her company.

Sunday,my younger brother Stewart invited Sally and I to dinner,another nice day,Stewart had been going through a difficult time recently,has was going through tests, suspected of having prostate cancer,but finally on Friday good news,he is clear,but still to have surgery to have a blockage in his waterworks cleared.His son also Stewart went to the doctors during the week,feeling unwell,just been dxd with type 1 diabetes,now getting used to the conscequences,injecting himself 4 times daily and watching his diet.Its just a shame he is only in his early twenties,no history of diabetes in either families.

hi Judy KW,I have been following the Amanda Knox appeal,unfortunately I dont think I followed the original trial a few years ago,or I have just forgotten the details,I am totally confused regarding guilt or innocence,I just dont know.Seems there was some serious problems with her defence in that she changed her story so many times,well the judge will deliver a verdict tonight,Amanda's legal team are ready for a further appeal to a higher court if the verdict is unfavourable.otherwise she will be making her way home to America to-morrow.

Must dash, Uni challenge has just started,see you later.Bye.

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Got up and decided to replenish the granola this morning and then dashed out for my 10 minute infusion. Two hours later, we headed off for breakfast/lunch at 2:30. Good time to get a seat at a popular new spot. I had a pancake sandwich - two thick hot cakes with bacon, egg, and cheese between, and a green salad. Pretty good, but overpriced.

It's drizzly and gray. You'll hear that a lot for the next 7 months.

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