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Morning All! Hope my traditional "all caps" for Friday will stir the pot here. We made a marathon trip to Orlando this time and I didn't take my newer computer. Internet service was awful on my old one. Can the internet tell and punish you if you are using an old computer lol?

Bless those steroids. Awake at midnight, again at 3 but couldn't get back to sleep that time. Got up at four. Made tea, did some stuff. Feel like things are really cluttered. But got home Wed at 4 pm and had to be at the hospital at 9 am. They really drag this chemo out there. Didn't get out til 3 pm. The chemo time is supposed to be 1 1/2 hr!

One funny, my PCP tipped me off to take the 6 zofran pills from the nurse but don't "take them." I palmed them and took sips of water pretending to take them. Don't know if I fooled her or not but she was fiddling with the chemo pole so think so. I stuffed them in an outside pocket of my purse when she left the room. At two separate times I found one floating around the bottom of my bed lol lol. How dingy am I!

Have been catching up on threads alerted in my email but haven't had time to catch up on all the Airs--just yesterday. Ginny, hope your allergies get better but it is FRIDAY. Believe it or not, I take Zyrtec in the am and Claritin at night. I also take Tylenol PM at night (contains Benedryl). I'm not dead yet and when I cut out the Claritin, my allergies acted up badly. I'm planning on trying to cut out the Benedryl soon but not until these steroids stopped jazzing me.

Judy, your Gilda club has had a really rough time lately. And the woman who lost her husband and has her cancer back. How sad is that. And another mother with young children makes it particularly tragic. Congrats on your allergy improvement. When I was tested the Dr said I was allergic to the planet. Funny but not. I took shots for ten years but got tired of that. Doing o.k. for the most part self-medicating. When they are acting up, they really drain your energy and generally make you miserable. I know.

Stephanie, sorry about your allergies too. I'm hoping for you that it's not the insulation. If so, it might only last for a short time after the initial installation. Have been thinking of you lately. Thinking if anyone is as tired of doing chemo as I am, it's probably you. That's why I struggle to stay happy with stable. It doesn't look like I'll be getting a break anytime soon.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning! Judy it is SO good to see you back! I really miss your posts when you are gone.

I'm curious about the Zofran. Isn't that a nausea medication? Hoping this chemo does not upset your stomach and that's why the palming and hiding! That's funny.

You know, Judy, I never thought to escalate my allergies to the shots level. Now that they are better, I'll be okay. But next Fall, I may look into that. I was very ill for the last 2 months, so much so that I would "get sick" from all the stuff in my stomach. That is a good idea.

I so remember the steroid mania. I always took a zanax with the sterioids, not that it really helped much, but it did take away the impulse to scrub the walls at 3:00AM. LOL

I was a bit concerned about your travels when I saw how badly Florida got hammered with rain. Hope those miles went by without much trouble.

Here it is 53 degrees, windy and raining. This is more like what our mid October weather is like. It sure was nice getting a 2 week reprieve of 70 to 80 degrees, it was gorgeous. Now the trees are getting pretty bare. One thing I like about when the leaves fall is that I can see into my woods again. It is so cool to pull into the driveway and see a herd of deer strolling through the woods.

Well hoping lots of folks stop by and chat, and wishing everyone a great Friday!

Judy in MI

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

First-Welcome home JudyKW,you were so missed,I hope you can forgive me for having a wee smile to myself at your list of pills your are currently taking,just thinking of you rattling as you walk about.I know its not funny, the image of you palming pills in front of the nurse was just hilarious.Hope you chuck the lot out of your life soon.

Well today is a very special day for me,no its not because its my favourite singers birthday the one and only Cliff Richard,no its three years to the very day I was dxd with lung cancer.I would like to give a great big raspberry to my lung nurse and my GP who told me I would only survive two years max,well in the words of Kasey-yeah right.I have an ambition to send a fifth year anniversary card to my GP in 2013,since he also told me at the time,"I once had a patient who survived five years with lung cancer-what a character-but you are not him".

Well got beat at the bowling last night,but the good news it was only by one point.Tonight is the Bowling Club Presentation Dinner,its a super night,good food, live band and dancing,I will it seems have Sally with me for a change,well its 3.45pm just now,anything can still happen.Tomorrow night,I am going to meet the Lee Morgan Band for a recital night,bring your guitar they requested,well got to get the duster out,remove the cobwebs,I have'nt been playing it for ages.

Gosh is my diary full these next weeks?,did I tell you I have been invited to talk to approx forty lung nurses at Victoria Hospital in Kircaldy on the 2nd of November?,I am meeting up with Allan at the Roy Castle office's in Glasgow on Tuesday to discuss what to cover in my talk.Next week,Monday,gyming and swimming,Tuesday,yoga,swimming and bowling,Wed Quiz night in Carrbridge in the Scottish Highlands-all proceeds to lung cancer,Thursday gyming and bowling,finally Friday Noreen Davis Hikers and Bikers Presentation Night,dinner dance and the presentation of cheques to various charities- total £30,000+.I am the offical photographer,last year I forgot to put a SD card in my camera,only discovered when I got there,luckily I was able to borrow one from one of the guests,best not do that again.So please forgive if I have a low profile next week,I will keep up with your posts though.

Better go,think I have bored you all enough,have a great weekend everyone Bye.

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Hi everyone,

I am taking a quick break while I am at work to drop in the air. Shh, don't tell. :) We have great fall weather here, in the lower 70s with the sun shining. All the trees are starting to change colors and are so beautiful! We went on a hayrack ride the other day, it was awesome.

Heading to Kansas City this weekend to visit with some friends. About an hour away, but leaving the dog with other friends, don't want her to get too lonely. She is not liking me being gone all day at work, she is all wound up when we get home at night.

I can hopefully catch up on some of the air this next week, just had time to read todays. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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Hi all,

Had a little nose job today. Well, not really - I did ask the cute dermatologist if he could take that bump out while he was operating, but no. I had a mole removed that turned out to be a papular (?) basel cell carcinoma and so followed up with Mohs surgery - right on the left side of the bridge of the nose. It did not take long, but I have stitches and am puffy and may wake up with a black eye or two. More pain meds for me. And a long afternoon nap. The instructions say no exercise, lifting, or bending for a week!

Tiny bit of rain today. Gray and cool.

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