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Morning All! O.k. all you working Joes and Janes, this is your big day. Hope it goes super fast for you.

Late night last night. Taking the steriod pills day before day of and day after chemo again. That's in addition to the bag with chemo. I'd run out and didn't take them regularly anyway. When I asked for the script, Dr T said she prescribes them for Taxotere to help swelling. Well, guess what I was having and never made the connection lol!! Late night wasn't so bad. Read and jumped up and down and out to the living area to check things I'd forgotten. Don't watch TV or get on the computer anymore. Word is they wake up your brain and make sleeping harder.

Stan's finally off to the doctor to get his first check of his hip. It's his PCP but he's due for a yearly anyway. Blood work will confirm/deny gout. He has it but when it does flare up occasionally, it's usually in his feet. He called the best local Orthopedic man and got an appointment for Dec something! He's having to sit around ALOT which he doesn't do well and when the pain hits, it excruciating.

I'm good. Day after chemo my best, I managed to sleep to 8:30 so I am riding my steroid high as usual today. Trying not to overdue. Have the kid coming tomorrow to do the preliminary work for the landscaping. I want to be in and out supervising Stan supervising the kid lol.

Hope to hear from some of you and everyone have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy,

Oh how I remember the steroid high. It was crazy. I'd take an ativan while at chemo to help, but it still didn't lead to good night's sleep. I tended to sleep in 2 hour segments anyway. Since I was not working, it was okay, because I could take cat naps during the day.

Laughed at the supervising Stan who is supervising the kid comment.

I hope they can solve his hip problem quickly.

I didn't get in to post until late last night. It was a tough night at Gilda's. To sit and listen to a young 30 year old woman talk about telling her 4 and 8 year old about dying, and trying to help them understand that Mommy is going away soon was heart wrenching. She said she'd try to come to group more, but wanted us to know that it's likely that after the last WBR, she would most likely go into Hospice care.

Well, I will be a widow this weekend. R got tickets to the Red Wings hockey game in Detroit. The idea of sitting around watching a bunch of guys whack at a little puck and whack at each other is not something I want to do. LOL. So he is going down with a buddy and they are going to stay overnight, and have a nice time. Good for him.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

MI Judy

P.S. If the activity here stays at this level, maybe you and I can just email each other every day to keep up. It's a mystery to me how the boards got this quiet, but it is what it is.

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Hi everyone! It has been a while since I've had a chance to get on here. Been completely swamped at work! Our Eastern Star Chapter had its 100th Anniversary celebration a couple weeks ago and I was busy with that. On top of everything else somehow the crazy idea that I would make a good Girl Scout Troop Leader came into being! Now I'm the troop leader for the Daisies there in Maypearl. :) We're having a blast, but it is a lot more work than I thought it would be... Meeting a lot of great people though and Elizabeth is making some pretty good little friends!

My daughter starting kinder and us starting the Girl Scouts has been kind of hard. Had quite a few moments where I have thought, "I'll call Mom and ask her." Good thing is I'm staying busy and I've made some friends that have potential of being good friends! That has really helped get through some of this stuff. Looking forward to the holidays and dreading them all at the same time. Know it is going to be really hard on my dad, but I think he's going to come visit us on Christmas which will be good for him.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the walk next week in DFW! My dad, his cousin and her daughter are coming up to walk with us. Going to be a very busy weekend! We have the walk that morning. My husband has a Masonic event that afternoon. Then that evening we're having the Investiture Ceremony for the Daisies!

One of these days I might actually get to slow down... :)

Hope everyone is doing well! Enjoy the cooler weather!


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Up early to accompany M to the doc for a nerve root block test. Another guy with hip/leg pain and no fix to date. Lent him my arm to get back to the car. We stopped for breakfast out, too early for hot food but they had some nice pastry type things (he got one with an egg and bacon inside, mine was flakey with cheese and lemon?) and excellent coffee / latte.

Hoping today is the last we see of the weatherization contractors - a few last things to do.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Oh its been a busy week,not over yet,Glasgow Uni,first thing in the morning.I have'nt heard anything back from Christine regarding KatieB's offer to send flowers for Annettes memorial service to-morrow,I expect she has been so busy to read her e-mails.

I had a good time on Wed at the Victoria Hospital Lung Cancer Conference in Kirkcaldy,speakers covered,LC case studies,mesothelioma,chemotherapies,tarceva,welfare benefits,smoking cessation,Roy Castle LC Foundation lastly me on being a survivor and advocate.Thursday Edinburgh-SIGN committree meeting,refining questions on many areas of LC diagnosis and treatments, to forward to researchers to search out clinical research reports in recent years,to find current best practice for these areas.I have been asked to join a sub-group to look at the area of diagnosis as a lay person along with other medical professionals,bit mystified yet about my contribution,however they seem to know best?.

Evening Times phoned looking for me yesterday,they left their number for me to phone back today,I plumb forgot,so I will get back to them on Monday.

A cautionary tale;I bought a new washing machine at the end of Dec last,the salesman said look save your money,you can buy now pay later interest free up to six months,well I dont really do credit but this was slightly different,so I agreed.I May I sent off the balance to the company in May by mail recorded delivery,thinking that was the end of the story,however I dont often check my back statements carefully but I did yesterday,and found I was still paying by DD this finance company I had cleared.Checking with my bank,the cheque was never presented by the finance company,I cannot fing my recorded delivery slip,so I have no proof of themm receiving it.I cancelled the DD,and found I could pay the balance on the phone.This oversite cost me approx $200 for nothing.This could have been worse since the instalments still had 2 years to run at 24% interest.Methinks the company tore my bankers draft up,hoping I would not spot this?.

Oh I can be really boring sometimes.Hi JudyKW another chemo complete,thankfully with little upset,sorry to hear about Stans hip,hopefully you get the landscaping done to your satisfaction.

Hi Judy MI,sad story of the young woman,there's always some one less fortunate than yourself isnt there?.Hope Randy enjoys the ice hockey,something I have never been to,must put that on my bucket list with American Football.

Hi LaDonna,gosh your post brings back memories,I had a close friend who was in the Order of the Eastern Star years ago,also a friend who was in the Masons,including my late FIL,I always attended their Burns Supper Harmony nights,I can tell you,they knew how to throw a party,all gone now,sadly missed.

Goodnight All,mastermind just starting on TV,have a great weekend.Goodnight Annette,still thinking of you.

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Back in briefly. I'm missing my usual steroid high today. Have been tired and pushing myself through chores and trip to hospital for shot. I had a reaction to the shot last time so was advised to take a benadryl before it. How come the benadryl didn't help me get to sleep earlier last night lol.

Judy, sorry about the hard time at Gilda's. Hope you find a way to enjoy your girl's night this weekend.

Stephanie, so sorry to hear M is having a hip problem too. And everything takes so long. Stan called the clinic that his doctor told him to call for blood work and xray. He called twice this afternoon. No call back. He'll probably have to go to the hospital to have them done next week. Then the Orthopedic appmt not until Dec 10. At least he got a script for an anti-inflamatory. Hope M gets relief soon.

Eric, I don't remember the details but my daughter got caught up in one of those buy now pay later things. If not out and out scams, they are designed to get your money in a sneaky way. Sounds like you are on a fast advocacy track. We are all happy about that.

LaDonna, sounds like your life is busy in a good way. The best is you and your daughter making meaningful friendships. Good for you.

Eric, I miss Annette too and especially her unfailing humor. I was lying in bed last night wishing I could still be funny. I was once, but never like Annette or Becky or some of our other funny folk. Wish I could roll back time.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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