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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Not long to go now,this Christmas seems to arrived at express train speed,I have still cards to write yet for friends and relatives,however prezzies all bought,Christmas dinner at Irene’s is going to be great.Irenes text me yesterday,could I come into Glasgow and pick her up after work?.She did her shopping for groceries at Marks and Spencers and left them there to pick up later,her husband Pat is in Plymouth until the end of the week, working.I drove her home, deposited the groceries,then she asks,could I now take her to Tesco’s since there were still some items to get,she is looking for a turkey crown large enough for 8 adults and 2 kids,my suggestion of buying 2 smaller ones that were available,was met with a scowl,that wont do Eric,no point in arguing,she has always been a stickler in getting her own way.Oh well,the search will have to continue for another day.

I did’nt go to the gym today,I had a request from Mark,the new editor of the Roy Castle Newsletter,to comment on their healthunlocked website and if he could interview me for a feature in his newsletter,we arranged him to phone me yesterday pm,however when he phoned,I was in the kitchen making lunch,I only heard the last ring of the phone,as he left an ansaphone message for me to get back to him and he left his mobile number,I decided to finish my lunch then returned his call,could’nt get him,funny thing was he sent me a e-mail this morning apologising for missing me,he was at dinner,and would phone me today after 4.00pm as he is out doing Christmas shopping.I could have gone gymming,I wanted to talk to Mark this morning since Sally has an appointment with a surgeon at 2.10pm today about a hip operation scheduled for January sometime,he is going to explain the procedure and possible outcome.Our last appointment recently was with the orthopaedic consultant,it was over 1 ½ hours late before we were taken,hopefully this wont happen again?.

Hi Ann,I cannot believe your bosses comments to you,its so politically incorrect to make these kind of remarks today.There is a whole host of legislation in the UK now regarding workplace behaviour,think your boss would be in breach of at least three of them and would be likely to face prosecution in court.

Stephanie,of course M is correct regarding medicines or any other opinion on any subject,he is male after all,being right comes with the territory.I cannot remember the last time I was ever wrong about anything?.

Hi JudyMI,I am really interested in your geo-thermal heating system,I recently visited South Lanarkshire college to see a completely self-sufficient experimental domestic house built in the college grounds,it had a geo-thermal heating system,in which a pipe was placed deep into the earth and water pumped into it,the returning water was then fed back into a heat exchanger providing all the hot water for the central heating and domestic use,the house also had solar panels on the roof,and was super insulated against heat loss,it also had special small porthole windows in the ceiling to light up the house in daylight hours without the need for artifical lighting.

Got to go everyone,hope you all are having a great day,i will drop by later tonight.Bye.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I think God has decided to make a little fun of me today,I have just mentioned in a post elsewhere to Stephanie about males always being right, and how I cannot remember the last time I had made a mistake.Well the post I mentioned this was in Thursday's Air of course,which I thought was what today was called.Blush,excuse me, I am off to hide my face,can anyone do a mail merge.Byee.

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Hey Guys,

I just noticed that my last post was my 1000th here,think its time for a wee amber nectar,well maybe this evening,heres to another 1000,was that a groan I heard?.

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Morning All! Sorry about that mistake Eric. I know that's so hard for you guys to admit. Stan swore I told him to wake me at 5:15 this morning instead of 6:15, fifteen minutes before Wendy was due to drop of Dominick at the RV. Oh my!

We're headed home, a day earlier since I got the dates of this trip all messed up. We're ready for Christmas except for Stan getting the prime rib. I'm still thinking of apples for homemade applesauce and I wish I'd baked that one batch of my favorite cookies. Sigh.

I posted my results on FB and in a group email and it warmed my heart the people who responded to support me. I really am happy with the stable this time.

Off to chat with Dominick after I answer posts. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. Eric, that house sounds awesome if you live where it gets cold. LOL Oh my, I may be punished with some 50 degree weather for that remark.

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Well someone bailed me out on the title of today's AIR. I need a moderator to show me how to do that. I'm computer savvy, but that one I could not do!

Anyway, it's 7:00PM. Just had a great meal prepared by R. We had a friend over so we splurged on T-bone steaks with big beefy baked potatoes. Yum. Now I'm not much of an eater, so I enjoyed a quarter of the steak, and a half potatoe, but it was so good.

Busy day today! Volunteer work at church became urgent when the pastor wanted to send a New Years letter out at the last minute. The office assistant was on vacation, so it was fun to assemble my old team of volunteers to come and help with the project. Nice.

Tomorrow is Gilda's. R warned me he is off the week between Christmas and New Years. I'm like SWEET! He looked at me warily, and I explained the long list of projects around the house that we could work together on. LOL. I'm sure he's looking forward to that.

Well, not much else to say. Hope all are well.

Judy in MI

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