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Saturday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Beautiful bright blue skies and sunny today,mild too,surely this isnt January?,seems winter is on vacation?.

Thursday,Dot and Jim to pick up and bring home for dinner,neither drive,but its no problem since they are only 30mins away.Early morning,Sally's just not quite with us-again,I decide to make the dinner myself,how hard can it be?,potatoes,boiling peas,brussel sprouts into pots,now for the Brisket Beef,lets see the directions - 40mins per 450 grammes plus 40 mins,Brisket weighs 1.660kgs,retire to calculator on the laptop, 3 1/2 hours at gas mark-I have now forgotten.Beef now cooked,time to pick up our guests,I give Sally a last minute inspection,hmmm,its a bit touch and go,I decide to risk it rather than cancel Dot and Jim.

We arrive home,Sally, unfortunately in the time I was gone, managed to get a taxi to the off lincence to restock her supplies,dont ask where the money comes from? I think she has a little printing machine hidden away,I discover a bottle under the sink and pour the remaining contents down the sink.Fortunately not too much has been drunk,she does make a nuisance of herself,but Dot and Jim graciously accept the situation to save my embaressment,we actually have a great time,Dot helps me prepare the dinner,well actually, I kinda let her take over,she does a great job,the meal was delicious,the brisket was cooked to a treat.As the afternoon progresses Sally begins to sober up and joins in with conversation as if nothing has happened,much to my relief.

Friday,going to Edingburgh to see We Will Rock you,perhaps arrive early and go for dinner somewhere,but its off to the yoga first,3 hours later I return,despite Sally's desire to see this show and out for dinner,has managed to do the usual-again,I leave it until five pm,to see if she is fit to go,no way I am afraid,I phone Jennifer,no answer,I drive to her home,I offer Jennifer the tickets for her and Chris to go to the show,whist I baby sit their new puppy,(its a bichon frise)a compromise is reached Jennifer and I go,Chris insists on staying home.Really enjoyed the show,Jennifer drove us there,so it was great just to share her company for the evening,its been quite a while just the two of us had had some time to-gether.

Just chilling out today,nothing planned,ABC tomorrow,then up to Dots to meet up with the kids,Jack and Emma,we always have great fun together.Enjoy your weekend everyone,JudyMI,thinking of you,hope you will get home soon as,and you have good news to share with us,Bye.

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Morning All! Well, there is our social butterfly! Eric, I hope you don't think that's too fem--there are male butterflies too lol. So glad you and Dot salvaged the dinner. Good for you! And how nice you got to go to the show and enoy time with Jennifer too. Have fun today with the kids.

Speaking of daughters and shows. I booked Wendy and I into a hotel near the Broward Center in Ft Lauderdale later this month. We'll have dinner, spend the night and see a matinee of Jersey Boys. Another night over making it an easier trip for me from the Keys. Stan will be in PSL babysitting the kid and the dog. His idea--what a prince. See I get perks from being gracious about his hunting trips.

No flea market today. My friend has a back issue and I was actually relieved. My chemo fatigue is really getting to me and after chemo all day Thur, errands and shot on Friday afternoon, I wasn't looking forward to getting up and out early this morning. Hopefully we'll go next Saturday.

Ladies, no dedecorating for me. Stan insists I wait til he gets back. Of course, we'll only have 3 days before we leave again but that's o.k. I need to recup from this chemo funk, do Drs visits on Monday and then dive into taxes. My accountant is used to getting them late Jan, early Feb with our March deadline and I like to get it out of my hair. Haven't felt any inclination to start though.

Bud, you and Rose are party animals--clubbing on a regular Saturday. Good for you. I'm going to try to get motivated to see if neighbors are going to our favorite outdoor restaurant tonight. Think if I take it easy today....

Judy, Hope things look up for you real soon.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, Eric and KW Judy. Good to see both of you here this morning. It's nice to get some nice fresh air on a Saturday morning. As you know, I rarely get a chance to drop in over the weekend but today is just a nice, lazy morning for me. I have a dinner to attend at 5:00, so the rest of the day is mine.

We saw War Horse last night and I have to say this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. But...I have to say there were several parts that were just to painful for me to watch and I found myself dropping my head and crying. I even had a hard time falling asleep last night, as there were parts that were trapped in my head. But...it was a wonderful movie and I'm very glad I had the opportunity to see it. Just don't think I would watch it again.

Our weather is absolutely lovely today. It's the kind of day that a Chamber of Commerce would special order. The sun is shining and there's not a single cloud in these beautifully blue skies. The temps are in the low 70's and it's just perfect. Wish all of my cold weather friends were here with me today to enjoy this!!!

Eric...I love brisket. Wish I could have joined you! KW Judy....sorry you didn't make the flea market. I was looking forward to reading about all of the wonderful treasures that you found.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm keeping Judy in my thoughts and prayers!!!


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Hi friends, thanks for your continual thoughts of encouragement. Day 4 in the hospital. Still lots of complications and no indication of when I can go home or if I will be able to return home before the lung removal. Then I get a call from home at 7:00AM, "where the hell do you keep your underwear?". I tell him and he tells me there are none in there. I"m like dude, I got all the laundry done except for 2 loads before I left. One load is in the dryer, and one in the washer, but I KNOW not all of my undies are in there.

He's on the way to the store now to buy new underwear. *sigh*

But there are much bigger things to be concerned about. There are a ton of doctor's visiting me in the hospital from every walk of life. All of them have differing opinions. Many of them say that I need to opt for quality of life, not quantity, and that having the lobe out would be the best. They said my lung function is moderate, and will be negatively impacted by this, which means I may have to be on oxygen at least part of the time.

What do you do? Many of us have been here, trying to decide which treatment to take, which will allow us to live the best quality and as long as possible. I just need to be quiet and listen to my heart. I think God will guide me and that is best I can do.

Judy in MI

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Ann, good to see you on a Saturday. Glad you got a day to yourself. Our flea market is all outdoors. It's mostly small vendors if not people bringing things from home. But what it certainly is not is these big new indoor tacky malls posing as flea markets. I'm careful now when we travel before I make the man stop lol.

Judy, it sounds like you're facing a real challenging decision. If you haven't yet, pm Muriel. She's had two sections from two different lung cancers and does quite well. Well, when an insensitive friend isn't running her lungs off at MDA. I just didn't realize. But I never heard her talk about being on oxygen.

I'm trying to get myself to call and go out to dinner tonight but just don't think I'll make it. I want the distraction but am so lazy today.

Judy in KW

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Was not stopping by today - but JudyMI just wanted to let you know, for what it's worth, that I did just great with one lung - never needed any 02. It took awhile to adjust, but eventually I could do almost everything I could do before. Couldn't run up and down stairs, and it took me longer to climb up steep hills, but the remaining lung did a great job of taking over. It was the radiation treatment with the second dx that caused the significant damage to my remaining lung.

You are right, in the end whatever decision you make will be the right one for you.

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