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Morning All! Wonderful day yesterday. Went to the Craft Fair and then lunch with four other ladies. Lots of fresh air and outdoor exercise. I came home and vegged and did NOTHING. Except for that rare weekend with Wendy recently, I almost never get a day like that--especially at this time of year.

Glad to hear Judy is home and that Eric isn't slowing his pace. Ginny, I was months before I could sleep on my stomach after that thoro-something when they took the fluid off my belly. I was surprised it took so long.

I'm afraid I need to pay for yesterday now. Stan has three quotes and another job for me before I get back to taxes. I'll need to do some stuff today. Am supposed to have tax prep to my accountant by the end of this week. Not happening. My birthday is this week and that will set me back a day. And I still want to get a shout out to Tom to see if they can work a lunch in Tuesday or Saturday. I try not to schedule things two days in a row especially on week after chemo and we have BD plans for Thursday. If you guys are reading, shoot me a response and we'll see if we can connect. Will be sad if we can't.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Hi Judy,thanks for posting today,its a shame on weekends,when we should have more time to do so,but so few do?I guess everyone is having fun elsewhere?.Wishing you a early Happy Birthday on Thursday,I really hope you have a super day,god, you so deserve it.

Well I went along with Bill to my bowling club last night,we were driven there by Bill's wife May,she would also come and pick us up at the end of our evening,isnt she an angel?.I didnt know what to expect on arrival,it turns out there are 14 guys from Bills outdoor bowling club there we are divided into teams of twos and threes,I am paired with a guy called Mike,its a knockout competion until a team wins the final,despite both Mike and I playing really well,we were knocked out in the latter stages in the last bowl played by the luckiest,jammiest,pair of players ever,grrrr.It was a great night out ,we finished of course with a wee celebration drinky or two,with the winners.

A wee bit of gossip now,coming out of ABC this morning,is was taken aside by Margaret,one of our parishioners,making sure we were out of earshot of everyone there,she tells me a little story.Margaret attends my health club,she does aqua-robics every Mon and Thurs,I come down to the pool at 11.45am just as her class finishes,she reminded me that on Thursday last,I gave her a little friendly wave as she was leaving the pool,the lady next to her said,about me,"Thats Mary's new boyfriend",I really am puzzled to hear this and ask Margaret,who's Mary?,well says Margaret,when you go to the yoga Eric you always lay your yoga mat next to Mary,still at a loss since my mat is placed between Jim and Janet,what does she look like I ask?she a blonde with short hair and profoundly deaf she replies,profoundly blind also methinks,so I cannot wait until Tuesday to find out who is my mystery girlfriend is?,mind you I will have to be careful not to cause anyone upset or embarrassment,women, you are such blethers,getting a innocent guy into trouble,wonder if she's attractive?.

I have developed a real stinker of a cold on Friday,was thinking about not going to ABC today,but I pick up Betty en route,I did cancel my sister Dot visit though,I bought some lemsips to take when I got home,feeling really low,I suggest to Sally I am going for a wee lie down,she's really annoyed,wants some groceries,I give her my card and taxi fare,I make her swear she wont buy any drink,I know,brains of a newt,I fell asleep for two hours,come downstairs,she's in her chair,no groceries,you know the rest.

Hi Stephanie,I was so sad reading your post yesterday,what can I say?,I dont think there is anyone here that has'nt considered your situation,and how they would cope,I have to say,you have always been an inspiration to me and will always remain to be so,you have an inate courage I have always admired,do you remember your observational comments on a disabled man walking in a local park,how you empathised with his condition.My best wishes to you and Michael,I do wish we can meet up again in Washington in May for the LUNGevity Hope Summit.God Bless.Bye for now.

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Eric, so sorry the ladies are misreading your intentions. I'll be waiting to hear who Mary is.

Stephanie, I wish I could have been as articulate as Eric in his reply to your post on Friday. It just hurt my heart too much. I too am hoping for a meeting in Washington in May so take it easy.

Judy in KW

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Steph, you have always touched my heart. I think you know that from when we met in May last year. "I think it's time to start my current day's routine" was your comment today. Yea. I understand. The things we used to think were normal, are not anylonger, but they are what we do today. I started my current day's routine this morning too, but my "routine" is not "normal" anymore.

I don't even know where I'm going with this, so I'll just let it go at that. Love and prayers go out to you.

MI Judy

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Judy KW--We are available either Tuesday or Saturday--after all we're retired and oh yes, we're in Key West. Our schedule has us departing Sunday for Little River and multiple doctors' appts. I'm delighted that we may get to share face time with one of the people I have come to admire over the past 6 months. I'm convinced this will be marvelous therapy for Tee. You name the time and place. Once again my email tkrimminger@gmail.com

To All The Other Contributors To This Forum--Thanks for being a part of our lives.

Tom & Tee

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