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I just back home from doctor's office. After a series tests, I was told there are two masses in my right lung. one ( which is on my right lower lobe) is cancerous for sure, the other ( which close to my Bronchi)isn't sure yet, and I was scheduled for a lobectomy on next Tuesday, Feb 14, my low right lobe will be removed.

Sounds not bad, right? :D

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Hi Maggie,

Just dropping by,before going off to bed,its midnight here,wishing you all the very best for your up and coming surgery.I think with your positive attitude you are going to sail through this,goodnight.

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Sounds not bad, right?

Maggie, it is right that if you have to get lung cancer, being able to have it surgically removed is not bad. It is also good that it sounds like it hasn't spread outside the right lung. Don't sell yourself short on the emotional impact though. The word can be scary, surgery can be scary, recovery can be scary. It's good to have a positive attitude but we do understand here that any LC dx is something to deal with.

Good luck with your surgery and report back when you are able.

Judy in KW

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