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Life Matters:Detect Cancer Early Campaign

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

This morning I attended the launch of the Scottish Government's campaign to improve the levels of early detection of cancer in individuals.The above link is a press release to introduce,to the media three cancer survivors of breast,bowel and lung cancer.

The campaign was launched this morning in Glasgow at the Springburn Health Centre (the district I was born and brought up in)by Scotland's minister for health,Nichola Sturgeon.When I arrived at the health centre,I was met with my PR contact person Caroline,who described the mornings proceedings to me.First the assembled press photographers would take photographs of the three survivors standing in front of the campaigns display board,I think there were representatives from every major newspaper in Scotland,that done we were moved to a room,to be interviewed by several doctors,to describe our survivor journies to date,I think I gave a comprehesive account of myself,the doctors were really interested in what I had to say and very much agreed with me on issues I had raised for improvement,the other two suvivors gave a similar account of their experiences.

Suddenly Nichola enters the room,introduces herself to me,nice touch that she knows who I am,she sits on the vacant chair beside me,and engages me fully in conversation about my cancer journey,I am surrounded by a battery of cameras,clicking constantly,Nichola tells me that my story is what this campaign is all about,males ignoring symptoms they are experiencing,and not going to their doctors and having them checked out,also acknowledging my daughter's contribution in forcing my hand in visiting the doctor timeously.The other survivors also relate their stories to Nichola.

Another photo oppertunity we three survivors are taken as a group,then each suvivor is taken individually against the campaign's backdrop.We are then led into a conference room,seated to watch a TV commercial about the campaign.The scene is a lady walking in a health centre to visit the doctors surgery,she is talking about cancer,its prevalence,but if caught in time,it is survivable,she enters the surgery and sits in the doctors chair,the twist is,she is the one with cancer,not as we expected on her way to meet a cancer patient.

I am invited to leave the conference room to another location,I am met by a young lady from Real Radio,would I agree to do an interview for her station,think you know the reply,I did the interview,this time I am pleased,no fluffed lines,I speak fluently and intelligibly,I hope?.Not finished yet,come on wake up,I am now led to a tripod mounted movie camera,to be interviewed and filmed by another young lady,I tell her her tripod is not properly levelled,she smiles,unconcerned,the cameras fine,I do the interview,she seems pleased with my efforts.

The morning actually started with a text from my wee sister Irene,a workmate had listened to an interview by me on Radio Clyde 1,in fact, many persons in the health centre also mentioned similar to me,I thought this broadcast didnt start until Monday next?,Caroline said she would email me the link to this prog.

One downer this morning was en-route to the health centre,was gridlock on the freeway,I was worried about being late so I came off and made my way through back streets,one section I passed through,I saw two bright flashes behind me,i had just passed through a un-noticed speed camera,drat that a £60 fine and three points on my license,unless there was no film in the camera?but knowing my luck!,Bye for now.

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