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Hi there, My name is Julie and recently diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer and brain metasis, just had 2 brain surgeries and started radiation, I have been doing alot of internet searching for others that have experience with this and am looking forward to being part of this community and reading others experiences. Julie :)

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Hiya Julie,

Welcome to LCSC,its a real pleasure to meet you,I am really gutted to hear of your dx,I can guess how upset you are feeling at the moment,not forgetting your family and friends.From the outset a LC dx is such a blow,but I can tell you,with the support of family , friends and the passing of time you begin to re-adjust and the nerves begin to settle.I did take some time to come to accept my new disposition,and not ashamed to say I accepted the prescribed anti-depessents and sleeping pills to get by initially.

As my treatments progressed I began to build up a new confidence that I can take on this fight and win it.I found new friends here and elsewhere that I could learn from,one in particular I would like to share with you,I was looking for many weeks a good news story of long term survivors(and not being very successful) when one day I picked up a newspaper which had an article in it about a guy setting up a new lung cancer support group,what enthused me about this guy was his LC story,briefly,dxd with SCLC,in 1993,given 2 months to live,has his treatments,survives,until 2007 he is then dxd with NSCLC,has his treatments,survives,today he is now one of my best friends,he is 72 years young,restored to full health and enjoying every minute . I myself was given by an uncaring GP a unsolicted sell by date of two years max,well that was nearly 4 years ago,thought I would stay around just to embarrass him.

I wish you well as your treatment continue,looking forward to getting to know you,the others here will be along shortly,what a great supportive bunch they are,I just know you are going to enjoy meeting them.By the way this site is not all about LC,no,we have other forums of the lighter side of our lives,(well we dont want to give cancer too much room in our lives,do we?)can I recommend the forum Just for Fun? not forgetting, Members Photo Album, where you can catch some pics I took of Bonnie Scotland LOL. Bye for now.

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julie if your seeking some good vibes and inspiration, I would highly recommend the good news and inspiration forums also.

we also use another site for our technical advice and professional questions. Dr Jack West specializes in Lung Cancer and gives up some of his time to advise and help us daily !!

the link is this one;


You will get to recognize that most member here are also over there under same screen names so you won't feel out of place there! (And I moderate the Clinical trials forum over here so He takes care of a lot of my stuff now since he is the Oncologist..

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Thank-you for the welcome and yes your right it is alot to take in at once but am feeling positive, focused and ready, I am glad I found my way here and look forward to reading the forums and getting to know people along the way, thank- You Julie :)

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