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Wednesday's Air

Janet B

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hi everyone. I have never started the air before, seems kind of bold of me, but here goes!

Judy in MI. I read your post wondering about the lack of "air". I can say from my perspective that I have just been in a major mood slump. It has been a combination of the fatique I am experiencing with my combination of meds along with the craziness of the holiday, along with the depression that tends to hit me a bit when spring comes and the world comes alive again, and I remember how wonderful it is and how I don't want to leave it. Kind of a glass half empty mood, not my usual self, I am more a glass overflowing kind of gal, but things just piled up I guess. between that and some pretty major losses to this disease - I just needed a break.

Hopefully others have just been away, busy, or needed a few moments away too and will be back telling us all about their lives soon. The description of your yard was beautiful. I am going out after this to sit under my blooming cherry tree to soak it all in and appreciatte it the way you are.

I am very very worried about Judy in KW. Has anyone heard from her? She hasn't been on in over a week and she wasn't feeling well then.

Today the sun is shining, it is in the high fifties, the birds are building nests, and the trees are in bloom. The best part though is that the neighbors children are home on break so I can hear their laughter while they play. I missed that before they moved in, the laughter of kids in the neighborhood. I had my three home for the holiday - we ate a lot, played whiffle ball, snuggled up for movies and laughed A LOT! Of course, once they left , I went right to bed and stayed there all day Monday!!

I hope some of our old friends come back on today also! Sometimes it is hard to jump in after we have been away, I know, but I did it! You can too - you are missed.

AND I hope some of our new members will join us, we are a pretty easy bunch and we love company, so please stop by and tell us what is happening in your neck of the woods!

BUT - Spammers - stay away!!!! They make me so MAD!!

Peace - Janet

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Hi First Airer, It is supposed to rain here this afternoon and we need it alot. Dry as punk in these here woods. But after today the weather looks perfect, for golf that is.

Judy KW, please let us know how you are, we care about you.

Looks like a lot of folks are going to the Hope Summit. It is a great thing to get together and share.

My Easter was wonderful. Most of my family were at my house and everyone got along, we laughed, we ate and we were merry. Life is good.

Great news for Jamie.

Judy MI has had a rough road, many prayers that it smooths out.

Andrea, many hearts and hugs are out there for you. I really believe that losing your Mother is very hard, no one every thinks you are as smart, beautiful and funny as one's Mother.

Enjoy spring.

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Good Afternoon all. It is raining here, which it's been doing a lot of lately, but mother nature's been really considerate by giving us sun on the weekends. Usually it's the other way around.

We had a very nice Easter. My husband - after 46+ years - decided to get confirmed and that is done at the Easter Vigil service. I never go to that service - mostly due to the fact that between the pre-service rites, baptisms, first communions and confirmations, it starts at 7 and doesn't let out until almost midnight. It's also bilingual which slows things down as well. Midnight is just too late for me anymore. I have to admit it was nice having a reserved seat :) We didn't have any company on Easter, but just a nice quiet day which was ok by me since the previous weekend had been one son's birthday and our anniversary.

I admit I've been down a little also - and I just hate feeling that way. Normally I don't - but Janet I think you may have a point about the time of year. I've also been coughing a ton the last month or so, feeling lousy, and am getting more anxious than I usually am about my scan on 4/24 -- this is the first time I've gone 6 months. It is also the first time I will only be having a regular chest CT without contrast and I'm not entirely comfortable with that plan.

I have been thinking of everyone here. I hope someone hears from Judy KW soon. I have been worried as well. I also hope that JudyMI is feeling much better soon and the side effects ease up.

I hope everyone has a good evening.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Almost bedtime here,weather here very changable,spent some time this afternoon visiting my friend Bill,spent some time in his back garden admiring the new greenhouse he had just completed the erection of,looking forward to sharing his produce some months from now LOL.We,that is myself Bill,his wife and daughter were enjoying,a fine sun filled spring day,sitting outside within a couple of hours,it turns cold then heavy rain,run for cover.

I have been writing up a lung cancer guidelines doc for the SIGN committee I am a layperson member of,just completed and printed off my first draft,meeting up with my fellow layperson tomorrow to exchange notes on each others progress,thinking about submitting a joint document,so no gymming and swimming for me.

Hi Janet,thanks for sharing such a insightful post,I so indentfy with what you had written,it was almost written as a debit and credit sheet,the contrast of the joys of spring,birds nest building,the laughter of children playing outside,enjoying the company of your children at home,followed by the down side,your kids departing,mood swing downwards,culminating with a reflection of an unwelcome thought,leaving of all things as a conscequence of being a lung cancer survivor.I too have had these thoughts and I am sure most of us here would agree,but such down thoughts that intrude,are ephemeral,they pass as quickly as they arrive.I remember an occassion soon after my dx going to see my daughter appearing on stage in Glasgow's Ramshorn theatre,it was a big role for her,she was so good,I was so proud of her,my joy was suddenly overtaken by the thought this cancer is going to kill me and I will not be here to see anymore of her plays.It was such a stupid thought to let spoil my night,and I promised since then never to let these thoughts undermine me again.I take comfort in knowing there are people who survive lung cancer,my friend Robert, nineteen years now,enjoying every minute of his life,I am totally selfish now my happiness comes first in all things,I do things that I enjoy,and there are so many,sharing with friends and family,nights out,parties,restaurants,holidays,you name it, I am doing it,the boggieman has been put back in his box,and I have thrown away the key.

Hi Ginnie,I got handed a wee prezzie yesterday that you might have appreciated,complimentary ticket for two to attend a Johnnie Walker sponsored golf tournament at Gleneagles for three days in August,think some big names will be coming,looking forward to it.I am thinking of getting my clubs out of the garage and taking the game back up again,my gym has it own beautiful course and as I am a gym member I get a concessionary fee of £400 for the season.

Janet you are right,I am a bit concerned about JudyKW absence also,hope she can post soon as.

Time for bed,goodnight everyone,bye.

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Hi everyone,kind of windy here in Nebraska today but compared to a month ago I wont complain. I mowed for the first time today. I always put off the first mowing as long as I can because I know it will be a weekly ordeal once it starts. We are adjusting to our smaller home. I would never have quessed that a smaller home needs cleaned up more than a larger one. I quess when you leave a few things lay that you notice it alot more. Anyway it is nice to be in a house that is paid for and we dont have to worry about ending up homeless or living with family. I just ned to remember to set money aside for taxes and insurance.I hope you are all staying well and for those of you doing treatment my prayers are with you. Goodnight everyone!


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It's early enough to start Thursday's Air, but I'll just tag in here for now. Janet, yeah for starting the Air for the first time! Thanks for that. I hope you got outside to appreciate blooming cherry tree!

Ginny it's good to see you here too! And Diane, I understand about the scanxiety. The cough could be allergies too. I rem going to my Onc and ominously telling him of this hard cough I was getting in the morning, sure it was back. He asked about allergies, and I said I had some. He said that at night when we sleep, it affects our lungs and we cough hard in the morning. Said "don't worry about it". LOL. He clearly was not concerned!

I hope and pray it goes well for you.

Eric, it's always good to read of all your news!

Hi MIke!

Going to go back to bed and try to get some more sleep. Didn't sleep well last night.

I am worried about Judy too. I pray all is okay with her.

Judy in MI

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