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Tuesday's Air


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It's getting kinda stuffy in here so I thought I'd try to open the windows and let some air inside. I took a break from here because when we lose someone it hurts so much - however - whether I'm posting here or not - it still hurts just as much. :(

It's sunny here in North Carolina this morning. We opened the pool about 2 weeks ago but so far no one has ventured into the water. I expect that to change soon. My husband's sister and her husband are coming for a visit on June 2nd. They live on Long Island NY. We're having a big cookout while they are here. Should be about 25 people so I'm sure some of them will go swimming, especially the younger ones.

I hope everyone is having a good day and please add to the air. (this is why I don't open - can't think of anything to say)


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well back home in Scotland,thanks for opening Paulette by the way,I do hope everyone will flock back,it has been such a difficult time here recently.

Just clearing my back log of e-mails in my lap top,I could'nt access my email account from my netbook in the USA,due to ?gosh I have forgotten the technical term,I contacted my daughter,to see if she could help me,she said it would be too difficult for me fixing it remotely,better leave it until I come home,well I did,nearly 300 posts to work through,thats more than the backlog I would get on my works computer after a holiday.

Well settled back into my routine,gymming swimming,yoga-ing and outdoor bowling,phew this retirement lark is such hard work,seems I have never been away.

I am off to Liverpool next week,I have been invited to attend a award ceremony on the 31st,sponsored by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,I have been nominated for an award along with two others in a category called, wait for it, "Unsung Heroes",just one person will get the award, goodness, its not really me in all seriousness,I know of so many others that actually pile in the hours,fundraising and working 50 hours/week online disseminating lung cancer information,and seem to be forgotten about,I have nominated a girl called Lyn Barrington,so hopefully she will get the recognition she deserves.

Coming up this week,more gym etc,lunch with Jim and Co at the Horseshoe Bar on Thursday oh and a Quiz night at my outdoor bowling club on Saturday evening,there are still places available,if you wish to attend LOL.

Well I guess that's all folks,nothing more I can think of to bore you with.Bye for now,keep posting.

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I checked what the problem with accessing my e-mail account from my netbook in the USA,apparently my "Cookies have been disabled" fancy that,I would have never guessed.

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Thank you for opening the Air, Paulette! And Eric, I am so glad you are home safe and sound and back to your regular routine! next time, add a stop in CT on your agenda!

It is a rainy chilly day here today. I was supposed to give a group a tour of the farm this afternoon but they cancelled because of the weather. I should have used the lack of plans as an excuse to get lots done, instead I have used it as an excuse to do nothing!!

Yesterday was infusion day for me, getting to be very routine. We scheduled my next scans for mid July, that is a four month wait in between, which is the longest I have gone in a long time, so of course it makes me nervous. I had this crazy thing happen with my vision the other night, it looked like I was looking through a kaleidoscope with bright lights flashing, so of course I thought , brain tumors! But it went away so I will choose to believe it was nothing!

This weekend I have all 3 of my children coming home, and my daughters are both bringing home their boyfriends to meet us. I am a nervous wreck about it, so I have been cleaning the house and doing yardwork like a crazy person. I think I am slowly getting over the nerves, it will be fun.

It is supposed to rain most of the week, good cleaning weather, not such good weather for grocery shopping though. Oh, and the dog needs a bath. He will take forever to dry in this dampness!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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Paulette! Welcome back! I've missed you. And you are right, it still hurts to just go on, but go on we must. Difficult, but real. A great big smile creased my face when I saw your post today!

Eric, loved the cookie thing. I don't understand all of that, but I do know that cookies can cause finicky problems with our computers! Glad you got it figured out. Congrats on the nomination for the 'Unsung Hero' award. You are one for sure. I think any of us that have walked this lung cancer road, whether as a care giver or a survivor is a hero, so I count all of us in that category.

Janet, if I may encourage you? I had that same thing happen to me, and I did talk to my doctor. It freaked me out and as you said, the brain tumor fear did pop in my mind. Turns out it was a 'flash migraine' or something like that. I can't remember the exact words but it was not a pain migraine, but one with the bright lights. I've had a couple more since then but they say they are harmless.

I spent the morning at the Cancer Pavilion. Thought it was time for another transfusion. Not yet. But heading there. We seem to have found a pattern with my blood, and it's get a transfusion, and it is good for a week or so and then starts going down. By this time next week, I'll need to have another one. I sure do feel better when the transfusion is done.

Got a lecture from my doctor today about taking pain medication. I try to avoid it at all costs. He said that if I'd just quit fighting this thing and go with the flow, I'd find I'm expending less energy in the fight and have more energy to enjoy life. I never thought about it that way. I guess I'll give it a try. I know this....not taking the pain meds does not make me more awake. I still need to sleep in about 3 to 4 hour increments. So I might as well do that and not be in pain.

Judy in MI

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I was always one who tried to NOT take stuff for pain but my doctor convinced me that patients get better faster if they take the pain medication and to not wait too long to take it. He said if the pain is a 2 it's easier to make it go away than if you wait until the pain is an 8.

So take your medication!


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Janet, I have had what they used to call 'opthamalic(sp) cluster migraines' for years. I get what looks like a lighting flash that has been cut with pinking shears. It starts out small and then gets bigger and bigger and disappears after about 15 minutes. Years ago, I would get a mild headache after the 'light' disappeared. No headache for many a year now.

I can get them a couple of times a day or not get any for a few months or anywhere in between. They are very common. They have new name but I can't remember it.

When I get them, my close vision is more affected than my distance. Had an episode on the golf course on Sat.

Doctor told me they could be due to stress.

Hope this helps.

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I have had the same sort of migraine Ginny describes. Mine started way back in junior high.( now that is waaaay back). I have had years without them and then they will reappear. Stress is usually a factor. I take peace in that they are short in duration and not very painful. From what I understand, it has something to do with either the optic or retinal nerve disturbance depending on exactly what your specific symptoms are. Try to relax and let it run its course. I have talked to every doctor I have had over the years and no one has gotten overly concerned. You might want to talk to your doctor to ease your mind.

I hope you have a lovely time with your family. Don't fuss too much they will love seeing you no matter how clean the house is. It does not matter as much as we think it does! Just Enjoy!


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So, Judy in MI, your doctor said don't take the pain meds and just "go with the flow." Pain is fine, get used to it. (Maybe the more the better.) Where in the world did he get that idea and where in the world did you find him?

Sorry to be so outspoken, but I had my first chemo treatment last Thursday. (New cancer - uterine - same old chemo. Third time I've done the chemo thing. I was in incredible pain from Fri night until last night. You've got to treat it!

Good luck!


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