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Don wood and travel


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Hi Was just reading your reply to a post and you mentioned you and lucie had a trip planned. Does she use oxygen? I contacted the air lines and they will not allow oxygen to be brought on board or the use of a nubulizer that has to be plugged in. Wanted to go up north to visit family and friends. Have you checked any of this out with the air lines? Thanks for your reply. Carlton

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Carlton, the last time Tim & I flew the girl in the seat in front of me had the flu. Great huh! The flight attendant brought her a tank of oxygen to because she was vomiting and feeling so bad. They do have them on the plane (this was Alaska Airlines) but I don't know how often they are used.

I'm not sure if you can check your oxygen equipment so you have it at the other end of your trip or if they just don't let it travel at all. Maybe if they don't, you can make arragements for some to be available at your destination.

This may not work if you have to be on oxygen all the time. Just not sure. Don't we have an airline employee in our 800 members??

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How far north are you traveling? Would it be too uncomfortable by car?

As for the airlines, try calling the main office and talking to a supervisor regarding the oxygen issues. I know that the "hold" of an airliner is not pressurized, they may be concerned about a stowed tank exploding under the pressure....not sure why you can't have the tank onboard as smoking is banned on ALL flights and there shouldn't be an open flame....

If you can handle the flight and the layovers without needing a "draw", see if your visitee can give you advice on who to contact to have oxygen waiting at your destination (i.e. medical supply office).

I'm sure that if you get the right person at the airline office, passage will be made smooth for you...you just need to find that right person! I am pretty sure that if all were explained (visiting family, "terminal disease", etc.) there would be concessions made - they like that PR stuff! :wink:

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Carlton, My parents were trying to plan a trip to Arizona to visit some dear friends of theirs-Daddy was never on oxygen-but the onc. said that for the flight, it would definatly be needed. He said that it is difficult to find a flight that will allow oxygen, but you can find one. I would recommend that you check with a travel agent, they will get the right answers from the right people. I did convince my parents to consider Amtrak, is that something that might be possible for you? Take care, and let us know how the plans go. Deb

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Well this post has brought me out of my lurking mode! I've been on this site since May when my husband was dx, registered only a few days ago. Must have been a reason I did......

Hello, my name is Debbie, and I'm a lurker...........

And also a travel agent. So this is what I can tell you about the oxygen inflight. It's FAA rules that you can not bring your own onboard. You can arrange it with the airline thru their customer service after you are ticketed.

Usually there's a charge of $100.00, non-refundable, whether you use it or not, (what can I say, it's the airlines,lol), you'd need a dr's letter, the min. flow is .5 to a max of 8 LPM, with a max of 6 containers per flight.

You would have to make arrangements with the airline at least 48 hrs. ahead of time, and some there are some airlines that will not let you do it at all, ie Delta's Song you can't, Delta airlines you can. Also, they do not provide it once you deplane. You'd have to make arrangements to have it waiting for you at the gate thru a medicial supply company. There could be some other restrictions but these are the ones I know of.

I hope this info helps you. I've seen many people flying with it, so other than everything you have to go thru, yes, you can still fly, and hopefully to some extoic warm destination.

Ok, I will now just cover my eyes and be sneaking and crawling back into the land of lurkdom....


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Debbie (Budd), thank you for the information-I am sure that it will be of help to many folks here.

Now, as far as that "crawling back into the land of lurkdom"malarkie (I have ALWAYS wanted to use that word, somehow it looses its oomf coming out of my 35 year old mouth-, sounds much smarter and sassier coming out of a more mature mouth, I just seem like a doofus :oops: , anyway, I digress....)-PLEASE DON'T crawl back to the land of lurkdom!

You said it yourself, there must have been a reason that you registered a few days ago, besides, the more people that we have contributing, whether it is information (which you have provided) or just support-the stronger we ALL BECOME!!!

We need all of you lurkers out there to please try to make yourselves be known. We would like to know you, and to be there for you if you need-and you might not think you have anything to contribute, but you do! Debbie, you have already been there to provide help to us.

So, please Debbie, from one Debi to another, come back to the message board, again and again, and make it 'your home' (OK< OK I fess up, I got that line from those commercials trying to increase tourism in Jamaica-but you get the picture). Take care, and hope to see more posts (no pressure, though :shock: ) Deb

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I was just about to reply to the original post when I read the post from THE LURKER.

Yes, indeed, some airlines allow oxygen but they must provide it. I made the arrangements through Delta to fly with my mother-in-law, who required oxygen, to Cleveland Clinic several years ago. It was a rush trip and a hassle to arrange but the people at Delta were very nice and accommodating. We had made arrangements for oxygen to be at the airport when we landed in Cleveland.

Don't let one (or 2 or 3) "no" stop you. If you wanna go - GO!


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On a related note...

I don't know if any of the flights you guys have planned have to do with medical treatment, but if they do, are you aware of the organizations that provide free flights for patients? I know of a couple of them that do a lot of free flights for kids with cancer, but I'm pretty sure they're not just for kids. If anyone wants that kind of info, please let me know and I'll find it. (Since I'm new here, I'm thinking maybe you already know about them.)


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