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  1. ViVi

    My Sweatshirt.....

    One smart cookie and an armadillo for you, Fay A.! Praying for us all, ViVi
  2. Hey, Cat, you had really better watch out for TeeTaa. Don't think she's just talking bull. That woman is a woman of action - BELIEVE ME! She'll find you if you're still within 100 miles. If she sets her mind on something, you might as well move out of the way because she's coming through! So, to make things easier on both of you, why don't you give her a call. How lucky I am to have her as a sister! ViVi
  3. Dear Norme, I, too, have often come to the board and read but have been at a loss for words. And that's how I am now as I try to think of how to respond to your latest post. All I can say is just KNOW that you are loved by Buddy and by everyone here. ViVi
  4. Dear Paddy, When TBone was diagnosed on Christmas Eve with those awful (and awfully large) brain mets, they immediately started the Decadron. We're convinced that's what decreased the swelling (and stopped the bleeding, possibly) so that his severe headache stopped and he did not have seizures. He hated taking the Decadron because of all he had read but I really don't think it was as awful as he expected. One thing it did though was make him REAL hungry. We all cooked constantly to keep him filled up. I want to add, too, that I think it was because of the Decadron that he was able to feel so good (physically, that is) right after dx and we were able to have all those cook-outs, parties, etc. (again, trying to fill him up! lol). I'll keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers. ViVi
  5. To James and deruo - WELCOME! I hope you both find comfort and wisdom and knowledge here that will help you through this most unwelcome part of life. Remember - there are absolutely NO stupid questions here. If you don't understand an abbreviation or a term or an explanation, just ask what it means. Some of us have posted so long that we don't even realize we're posting in 'shorthand' (does anyone remember what shorthand is (was)??) Anyway, please keep us updated. By the way, James, I am TeeTaa's (Katha's) sister and she told me about your situation. I, too, am here and willing to help you in any way possible. Just ask. ViVi
  6. ViVi


    S-U-P-E-R !!!!! ViVi
  7. ViVi


    Dear David, I hope this morning finds you feeling even better. I think about and pray for you and your beautiful family many times every day but today I'll increase the frequency. ViVi ViVi
  8. Oncodoc, Welcome to a family that I never dreamed existed until last Jan. and that I don't know how I lived without before then. This board is SO important to SO many people. Sure, you'll probably bombarded with questions, frustrations, etc. but I guarantee you that you'll also learn a lot - not only about cancer survivors, cancer victims, caregivers, doctors, etc. - but also about LIFE. One suggestion - don't reveal your location because with the attitude you seem to have with these first 2 posts, very soon your office waiting room might look like the Gulf of Mexico does this morning (overflowing, that is)! Vivi
  9. My heart is hurting for you as you move through this day realizing that you have lost your brother. But please know that his spirit is today and will always be with you. Praying for us all.ViVi
  10. I am so, so sorry. Praying for us all.ViVi
  11. Home, sweet home. So glad you are there. Enjoy every moment. Love, ViVi
  12. I think ginnyde's last paragraph says it best. It must be a miserable life for him/her and for his/her 'loved ones'. I am always one of the first to get mad, but my life's goal is to always be one of the first to offer support. And yes, I offer it here to someone who needs (and possibly WANTS) it dearly. Sorry, David, Karen and Peggy, but I know y'all are big enough to handle it. Praying for us all, ViVi
  13. First of all - much, much love to DeanCarl and Gay from TBone's whole clan. You are SO special to us, even the 'nonmessage boarders' in the clan know and love you! Secondly- thanks to my sister, TeeTaa, who is even more beautiful than any of you can possibly know. Love you lots, DeanCarl and Gay! Love you to the moon (and back), Katha! ViVi
  14. Well I guess it's a good thing you guys didn't take me up on my offer for safe shelter in GA. We didn't have it as bad as you did, but we have plenty of wind damage and it is still raining. It will take me days to clean up the trees, limbs, etc. at our place but we have no structure damage and no one around here was injured. We were without power about 12 hours. As far as I'm concerned, y'all can keep Ivan all to yourselves down there! ViVi
  15. When TeeTaa emailed me that BobMc had died, I first said that I wasn't going to log on the board even though I had planned to log on first thing this a.m. to check on everyone, especially Scott and DeanCarl. I was just too upset, as BoBMc was definitely one of TBone's favorites and he, TeeTaa, Teacake and I frequently talked about him, just as if he were our next door neighbor. TBone would talk about Bob's adventures with a certain longing voice, as TBone himself had lived quite a life of adventure and he dreamed of doing more, with his wife and kids this time. But I think TBone knew several months ago that his days of earthly adventure were over, even though we did get to do some close-to-home, low-key adventures. But even as I resolved to stay 'disconnected' from the board today for sanity's sake, the clearest image came to my mind. It was one of the last really 'normal' conversations I had with Terry, when he had first gone to Hospice for pain management. He knew how badly I was hurting, as I had received the inevitable phone call that Hospice had been called while I was in New Orleans, and when I finally had it together good enough to talk to him on the phone, he had insisted that I not fly home a day earlier than planned. Anyway, after arriving home late Fri. night, I spent all day Sat. with him. We were just sitting there listening to music and occasionally talking when he, out of the clear blue, says, "Did you know that MO_Sugar died?" I told him that I had read it . And he said, "I'm afraid BobMc is not far behind. He is such a great guy - he's become a real friend. But I don't think he's going to make it much longer. He hardly ever posts any more and I know why. I can't log on any more either. It's just too depressing." And with that statement I knew that Terry knew that he and BobMc were soon going to be joining MO and so many more of their message board friends on the BIG ADVENTURE - albeit PAIN FREE and WITH APPETITES and WITH ENERGY and WITH HAIR and WITH SMILES. He truly admired and appreciated BobMc, who PM'd him even in those last two weeks. I know I speak for TeeTaa & Teacake when I say that the three of us feel like we have lost another brother. Praying for us all.ViVi
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