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I'm Denise and a two time cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2009 with bladder cancer, had that removed and a new one was made from my intestines, that surgery was 14 hours. In 2010 I was diagnosed with lung cancer and the doctors removed half of my right lung, that surgery took 3 hours. I spent a few days short of a month in the hospital recovering from surgery because my lung would not inflate. I'm in remission now and will do whatever it takes to stay that way.

Even after those two cancers, I still couldn't quit smoking but finally and thanks to new medications, I was able to quit and haven't smoked in two years.

Thanks for listening.

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Denise, welcome to LCSC. Congrats on quitting smoking and for keeping cancer at bay. Please keep us updated on you and I look forward to getting to know you. This is a great place for support, for friendship and for information on how those of us who have been affected by cancer cope and live our lives. There are many great people here. Sorry for the reason you have to be here, but glad you found us here.


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Welcome. Thank goodness the Doctors made you a new bladder, also that we have 2 lungs!

Glad to hear you are doing well. Sounds like you did not have radiation or chemo?

I will be a 15 yr survivor in December! Wishing this for you also! Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Hi Denise,

Welcome to LCSC,sorry to read about your dxs,wishing you a speedy and complete recovery,congratulations on giving up smoking,the day I was dxd almost 4 years ago,I went home I searched my jackets,cupboards and drawers for cigars I then cut up every one of them and threw them in the dustbin,along with ashtrays and lighters,I have never smoked since I am pleased to say,I am annoyed at my own stupidity that I did'nt do that years ago,mind you downside I have put on ahem,a Ilb or two,but I am sorting that out by gymming,swimming and yoga-ing,five days a week,I can really recommend taking up yoga,it stretches muscles you did'nt know you had,helps with your breathing and relaxation,in fact,there are doctors here who believe that yoga is the perfect regime for those recovering from lung cancer surgery?.

I am looking forward to getting to know you,a new kid on the block is always welcome.You will find the buddies here warm and friendly,they've even forgiven me for the Wars of Independance.If you have some spare time on your hands,why not visit the members photo album and look up my pics of Scotland and my trips around the USA?.Another forum to visit is "Just for Fun",here we can exchange whats going on in our daily lives.Lightening your day is one of our other jobs here,so if your are having problems or simply feeling down a bit,drop us a line and share your thoughts with us,we are only to happy to support you,we have all had these days,so we do understand.Bye for now and Best Wishes.

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