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Cold and sunny morning in Michigan! It is supposed to warm up to 60*, and that sounds nice. I am staying inside and have been having fun looking at my daughter's wedding photos. She finally got the digital files, so I will post our family photo here. I am feeling quite a bit better today but, I am still going to take it a bit easy today. I will get my third day in the pool for the week tomorrow!

Alison and Noah's wedding and our family pic!

Photo credit:

January Newbanks

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Not long home from my lunch with my gym buddies in Glasgow,any weight lost from gymming and swimming this morning, has been more than replaced.

After some lovely sunny days recently we are back to rain again,I had a lovely two days in Birmingham at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Conference,meeting up with so many survivors is always a great tonic for the soul,speakers were really good,got to meet at last, Lyn Barrington,like our Sara,fit, young non-smoker,takes the doctors over a year to discover she has stage 4 lung cancer,since her dx just over a year ago,she has made such an impact on raising lung cancer issues on her website "I am the face of Lung Cancer",she also has a tireless energy in encouraging others to support her fund raising schemes for lung cancer,I am in awe at her achievments in such a relatively short space of time,goodness knows what she will have acheived in a year from now?.Our train ride home last night should have deposited us in Glasgow by 9.20pm,however,we were stopped at Carlisle,a town just outside the Scottish border,some thing to do with overhead power lines being down,after a wait of about 30mins,we are informed they have decided to re-route our journey to another line,which can only permit speeds up to 60 mph,this will add two hours onto our journey.Luckily I am in good company and the journey passes without seeming tedious,(a little glass or two of vino collapso also helped).We arrive in Glasgow Central at 11.45pm,my last train had already departed to Airdrie,however Mr Branson has arranged a taxi at his expense to take me home,apparently, in the UK,so a passenger tells me,any train journey that exceeds it stated duration by two hours,the passengers are entitled to receive a full refund on that rail ticket,I have phoned the Roy Castle org to investigate this and accept any refund from my ticket as a donation,this could come to quite a lot of money since the charity paid for quite a few of us on that train,including all their Scottish staff.Gosh,it that were a condition of travel on Amtak,when I used that network,I could have travelled around America for free,for weeks LOL.

Hi Susan,thanks for sharing the wedding pics,please pass on my best wishes to the happy couple,may they have a long,loving and prosperous marriage.I love the little boys expression on his face,is'nt that just like kids,when you want them to behave properly,they take delight in screwing up your plans?.

Just about time to get myself ready for my indoor bowling tonight,enjoy whats left of today,bye everyone.

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Great pictures, Sue. Glad you are feeling better! It looks like you all had a joyful time. Thanks for posting them.

It was Canadian Thanksgiving weekend up here, so a group of family went to my nephew's place on Sunday to stuff a turkey and subsequently stuff ourselves! I am trying over this past week to eat carefully controlled portions so as to cut down on calories until I have to waddle into the hospital on Friday. (Nothing serious -- just cataract removal so hopefully it will just be day surgery.)

We have a cold front up here which is keeping day temps. down to the high 30*F - low 40* ... it's 38F on my patio right now, so it is not going to be nearly as nice as last fall. I guess it will be tough to beat all those record warm temps. from last years' fall/winter period. Gotta go and get my eyedrops in and then wash the kitchen and bathroom floors because I'm not allowed to bend over for a week after the surgery so I want to at least start off with a clean floor! 8)

Enjoy the day all,


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Susan - what wonderful pictures of the beautiful bride and the whole family. What a joyous day it must have been. Like Eric - having had all boys myself, I especially enjoyed the youngster (your grandson I assume). Thanks for sharing! I am glad you are feeling better.

Eric, am glad you made it home alright from your travels. I used to love the train, but it's been years since I've taken the train anywhere. Strangely, although the train runs through the town I live in, it is only freight trains -- to get a passenger train you have to drive a couple of hours away, so it just isn't very convenient. But there is just something about a train.

Jane, I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving - reminds me our is coming up before too long. Good luck with your eye surgery!

Our weather still can't make up its mind. It's supposed to hit 79 today -- and still hasn't gone down to freezing so we are getting a few vegetables still, but definitely not as nice as the earlier ones. I love summer, but am at the point where I wish it would just cool off enough to get my sweaters out and put the summer clothes away. I am wearing t-shirts everywhere but taking a sweater - only I keep leaving the sweater hanging over a chair and have to go back to get it :(

I have to go tomorrow to get recertified for Medicare for oxygen. Seems like kind of a waste of $$ - after all this time, and two LC and radiation do they really think I'd want the oxygen if I didn't need it? Oh well - have to jump through the hoops I guess. Of course I'm going to spend the evening worrying about flunking the test tomorrow morning -- and how weird is that? If I did flunk, that would mean that I don't need the oxygen and wouldn't that be grand! But I'm going to worry about it anyway.

Got to get dinner going - have a good evening all.

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