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Erics Family Needs some praeyrs from us...


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Wanted to start a quick thread for Eric because I know he is busy with family emergency!!

eric byrne

Post subject: Re: CurlySue/Susan Update 11/01/2012

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Hi Everyone,

What a weekend,double whammie as we say here,first Susan,I just cannot believe it,I am so sad to hear of her untimely passing,too quick for me to take in.Then my young sister Linda she collapsed last week at home after vomitting up 3 pints of blood,she was rushed to Monklands Hospital ICU for emergency surgery,she has ruptured blood vessels around her liver,she responded well to treatment,Friday evening visiting,she was back to her old perky,happy self,then in the early hours of Saturday morning she vomitted again and all the progress she had made was undone,doctors and nurses fought for hours pumping blood into her as quickely as she was losing it,she had 12 units transfused into her by the time I arrived at the hospital,we did,nt get in to see her,we had to wait outside in the hospital corridor as we watched a guy passing us frequently with a shoulder bag marked human blood,she had many more "blood products",the doctors were trying to stop the bleeding to allow for her transfer to a specialist liver unit in Edinburgh,a special "shock team" arrived from Edinburgh to supervise her transfer,I got in briefly to see just to hold her hand and say a few words to her unconscious body lying in the bed whilst nurses were on the other side working on the blood lines,the scene was so sad.We were asked then by the doctor to leave as the shock team were wanting to work on her for the transfer to Edinburgh.We were not allowed a visit today,but I am told she is still critical but stable,I will let you know of any developments.

My sincere condolences to all of Susans family and friends,I will miss her posts here so much.Bye for now.



Eric Byrne

To read my story, please follow the link : viewtopic.php?t=43268

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you Randy,Katie and many others, for the wonderful support you have given me and Linda for her recovery.I was phoned tonight by her husband Gordon,to request me to visit Linda in Monklands Hospital,where Linda had been returned to following her emergency surgery in Edinburghs Royal Infirmary.When I arrived at the ICU,I was intercepted by a nurse who asked me what my relationship to Linda was,when I said brother, she went on at great length to explain Lindas current status,long story short,her liver and kidneys are failing beyond the hope of recovery,I asked about the possibilities of a liver transplant,Dyalisis? anything that could change her situation,the nurse said there is nothing more they could do for her,I further asked,how long could she continue in this state,days?,the nurses reply, I dont think she has days left.Shortly afterwards all the family arrived,they were stunned to see how much she had deteriorated since their afternoon visit,her skin palour, particularly her face had yellowed so much,the sedation had left her unconscious,however,when Irene had told her son Craig was amongst her visitors she opened her eyes and gave a broad smile,before drifting away again.

Linda, ten years my junior,its just so unfair that such a beautiful and loving person should be leaving us so prematurely,she will leave such a gap in so many peoples lives.Its been such a sad week or two following the loss of Susan and Sara too,please god no more.

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:cry: Oh Eric, I am so sorry that your sister is so ill. My thoughts are with you and your family. It is comforting to know that she seems to be pain-free. Being an only child, I can't imagine how sad it must be to lose a baby sister with whom you grew up -- you being her (no doubt) adored big brother in whom she could share all her happiness and tribulations. I am now the only one of my generation of my husband's family except for his elder brother, and David has virtually adopted me as his little sister. (He actually introduced me to his brother, then my future husband.) He speaks often of his brothers, and how he always expected to be the first of his family to go, not the last, and I know how very sad that makes him. Anyway, sorry to ramble on, I just wanted to let you know that my heart is with you as you go through this difficult time.



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Hi Everyone,

I arrived at Monklands Hospital tonight with my wife,daughter and her boyfriend,all the family and friends were in the adjacent waiting room to Lindas ICU ward,I went to her bedside with my my sister Irene,I held Lindas hand and talked to her,she remained unresponsive,her nurse approached us to tell us her liver and her kidneys had ceased to function,although she was breathing independantly of the ventilator,it was still giving her a piggy back ride,it had been previously decided with the medical team and her husband Gordon ,that after Lindas children visited,Garry,Scott and Lindsey had some time alone with her,they would turn off all life supporting systems,they had previously stopped her sedation,which should have allowed her to regain conciousness,but she remained in her unconscious state.The nurse was unable to give any indication on how long she would survive,two hours up to some days?.We left leaving Irene and some of the family behind,after some hours,just about midnight Irene phoned me to tell me Linda had passed away some five minutes ago.My heart is broken,she was such a lovely person and will be so missed by all of her family and friends.Thank you for all the support you have given me and my family.

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Good Evening Everyone,

What can I say?,you really are such special friends to me,thank you so much for your support,I am overwhelmed.

Linda and Gordon had no church affilations so I suggested to Gordon,if he agreed, I would approach my young Minister,Ross to provide a service for LInda,he readily agreed,I phoned Ross,he asked when the service is required,I said,first Ross I wanted to check with you,when was in your diary,his reply?,Eric whatever is there, will take second place to meeting your needs,thats so typical of the guy.Well I offered to drive him to Gordons house last night,all the family were there,Ross really rose to the occassion,he was so supportive and eloquent I think he really impressed everyone,we arranged the running order of the service,I got to choose my favourite hymns for inclusion.Ross concluded the meeting with a prayer that just met prefectly for the occassion.So the service will be held in the Airdrie Baptist Church on Friday at 12.30pm then on to Daldowie Crematorium at 1.45pm.There will be lunch at the Crowwood in Stepps.An offering will be made to the National Blood Transfusion Service (Linda had received approx 30 pints of blood during her ordeal) UK citizens volunteer donations of blood without payment to this service.A further stipulation for the service,is everyone has to wear something red,since red was Lindas favourite colour,I suggested wearing my red clowns nose I got with my Halloween costume,it got a laugh from everyone but suprisingly they turned the idea down,Linda would have loved the idea.

Bye for now everyone.

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Eric put it in your pocket and you will have that special connection anyways... No one will know it is there but you and Linda..... Hugs and prayers for you and Family and Friends. glad your minister was so very accommodating for you!!

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