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Lindas Update-Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

I thought I would share my sister Lindas update with you on a separate string,from Susans,it seemed a bit disrespectful to continue posting there.

Linda went through an operation today to have a stent placed in her liver,I am not familiar with this procedure,apparently this is done to stem blood loss and reduce the pressure on her liver,which is currently enlarged and causing problems to other organs in that area.The operation was successful,she is however unconscious and on life support,this is expected to continue for several days.

My other sister Irene visited the hospital today and had an interview with one of the liver consultants,he regretted to inform Irene that in his opinion Linda will not survive this ordeal that there is too much damage in both her liver and kidneys to make a full recovery,however Irene raised this with another doctor who said to her,lets not go there just yet,we have all the skills here in place and excellent facilities to cope with anything that arises.As you may guess I much prefer the second Doctors appraisal,we are all hoping and praying that Linda can make a full recovery.Thanks to all my friends here at LCSC for the support and prayers you have expressed for Linda,it will be my pleasure to pass these onto Linda personally when she wakes up from this terrible nightmare.

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Eric - thank you for the update. I would certainly go with the second doctor's appraisal of the situation - and if Linda is anything like her brother then she certainly has all the determination and optimism she needs to get well. I will be keeping her in my prayers.


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eric I hope and pray for some great news for you your sister and the Family... I Had started another thread in the General forum for you to keep us updated ad I know how busy with things you are.. Prayers and Hugs from Carolina!!!

P.S. I like the Second Doctors out look better than number 1! Having hope for the patient is important as we all know....

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for the support you have given for my sisters recovery.I visited her yesterday,her doctors have reduced her sedation so she is now aware of our presence,although due to all the life support systems attached to her body, ventilators and monitors etc,she is unable to communicate with us verbally,she can however, maintain eye-contact with us,share a smile and having passed on your well wishes from everyone at LCSC,she shed a tear or two.Its so sad to see her like this,but I have confidence that with the aid of an excellent medical team supporting her recovery,she will survive this ordeal.

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