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Good Morning everyone ! My life changed on June 21, 2013. I had been noticing changes starting to occur with my health. I had just started a new job that required me to walk up stairs a lot during the day. Day by day this task began to get more difficult. I would get out of breath more and more. Fast forward to June 21st and I found myself unable to breathe at 3:00 am and had to call 911. The EMT's and paramedics were incredible in their response and had me in the ER within minutes. After numerous tests and anxious moments the Doctors came into my hospital room and told me that I had COPD, pulmonary effusion and SCLC. I am currently starting my third round of chemotherapy and beginning to feel stronger everyday. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on looking forward in this fight?

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Welcome to the club Earl – but I am truly sorry you had reason to find us. It appears that once you sought medical help things moved pretty quickly. It also sounds as though the chemo is working, and that is a very good thing. I have non-small cell, but we have many members who, like you, have small cell and if you haven’t, you may want to check out the posts under “small cell”, as well as posts under the “good news” tab. Please ask any questions you might have about treatments, side effects, etc. There are members here who most likely have been just where you are. I found the best thing I could do while going through treatment was to pace myself, getting plenty of rest, and drinking lots of fluid. Please come back often and let us know how you are doing.

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Good Morning Earl.

Welcome to LCSC,so pleased to make your aquaintance.I arrived here some time ago,looking for new friends who shared my lung cancer dx,what a blessing that turned out to be.I had arrived at a time when I was struggling with coping with my cancer,not physically more mentally,how can I shake off this feeling that I had no future? this cancer is going to kill me and in the not too distant future.My posting here regularly, getting to know so many new friends helped me to realise that I can be a survivor and once again began to return to being the person I was prior to my cancer dx,ie,happy optomistic,enjoying life to the full.I think with the passage of time and the support of family and friends ,we can all cope with what ever life can throw at us.

I found a new friend at the outset of my cancer journey,who was ten years my senior and was dxd with SCLC in 1993,he was given just 2 months to live by his Doc,Robert Lowe was'nt going to lie down to that threat,he asked for and got the strongest form of chemo that would give him a fighting chance of life.Such was his chemo regime,that was hospitalised throughout its administration,in fact he was so ill at the time,his family was called to his bedside on more than one occassion,since his Docs did'nt think he would see the next day.Remarkably,the tide began to turn for Robert,he began to make progress in recovery,he returned to full health.Then some years later Robert was dxd with NSCLC,again he had his then made a full recovery.Robert and I were both born and brought up in the same District in Glasgow,we went to the same schools,despite Robert being ten years my senior,we even shared many of the same teachers,what fun we had with our trips down memory lane sharing anecdotes of our respective life experiences.Robert Lowe set up a a lung cancer support group with a lung nurse called Penny Downer,Robert invited me to join.My thoughts were,Lowe and Downer,not very auspicious names for a support group?of course I joined up,I was and still is great fun to me to attend the group meeting.Sadly Robert passed away earlier this year,he had surgery to remove a tumour from his stomach and throat,these tumours were not related in the slightest to lung cancer,the operation he had was totally successful,however later he took a chest infection that his weakened body could not overcome,despite him fighting it all the way.Robert died cancer free.He had become the UKs longest surviving duel lung cancer patient-20 years.

It is my intention to follow in Roberts footsteps and survive 20 or even more years,if Robert can do it,why not all of us?.My very best wishes to you for the complete success of your treatments.

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 Sounds like You and I are at about the same point in the battle.

 I thought I had a mold allergy, which is what led me here. Coughing. Congestion. No biggie.
 A chest xray showed the mass. Right lung. 7 cm.

 When I heard "small cell" and my brain kind of went "pop"
 Because...that is what killed my Grandfather.
 And I knew it's a vicious mutha.

 I know the long term survival rate. I just refuse to accept it.

 As far as the Chemo...I breezed through the first two rounds.
 The last three have been a bit rougher.
 Nausea and digestive issues come with the territory.
 I've just been lucky It hasn't been severe.
 That that third treatment in every cycle? THAT, leaves me wobbly.

 I try to avoid taking too many meds, as I'm sure we're beating the hell out of my Liver and Kidneys, and I've managed pretty well.

 Diet seems to help. Especially avoiding sugars.
 I live with "Holistic Girl", so We're always trying things Her way, anyway.
 Juicing, veggies, organic, non GMO...the whole works.
 Green tea with Honey instead of coffee.

  Now, she is swearing by Garlic and Cumin. Slips it into meals, left and right.
  Which may or may not do anything but stink up the kitchen. And me.
  We'll see.
  I feel like a lab rat at dinner time. I'm never sure what exactly I'm eating.


 I make fun of it, but...if it works, I'm game. Up to a point.

  Looking at starting Radiation now, so that's a whole new set of challenges.
  And...more research. And...more experimentation from Holisitc Girl.

  Don't be afraid to look at alternatives to meds. or even alternative treatments.
  What my nurse keeps telling me: "anything that works".
  I chose the "standard" course of treatment. Because I wanted to thwack this tumor right away.
  I may try clinical trials or holistic / natural treatments after this, go forward.
  Not ruling anything out.


  Good luck!



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