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I will be 60 in November! I am a 24 yr Breast and Thyroid Cancer survivor. My Lung Cancer was found completely by accident in July after a follow-up to a slight case of pneumonia in June. Having never smoked or been around a smoker, needless to say I was blown away with the diagnosis of Primary Lung Cancer!

After VATS surgery to remove the right middle lobe and partial resection of upper lobe. All of the cancer was removed including the one positive lymph node. Classification Adenocarcinoma Stage IIA(T1ab-t2a,N1), Margins Negative(R0)

My chemo starts next week: 4- 21 day cycles of a cisplatin 75-80 mg and vinorelbine 25-30mg

I know that the Lord will carry me thru this as he has in the past. I do have to say that this cancer worries me more than the others!

I have a loving family with 3 granddaughters under age 6, so I will beat this with the Lord's help! I still have a lot of living to do!

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Love the fighting spirit you have!! you should also be getting maybe steroids and anti nausea with that treatment... If it helps My wife did pretty good with that one for a while with minimal side effects and no hair loss.. keep us posted ... take a look at the good news forum and the Inspiration forum also !! keep up the fight and keep us posted... thanks!!!

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Glad you found us. Also I am really glad they found the cancer , you were able to have surgery and that they are following up that lymph node with some good treatment. This can be beat! I am soon to be a 17 year survivor and I was Stage 3B.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing .

Donna G

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Good Afternoon Priv210,

Welcome to LCSC,always a pleasure to welcome a new arrival.Congratulations on your success in winning your battles with breast and thyroid cancers.I am sorry to hear of your lung cancer dx,which given your record I am sure, you will win your battle with this one too.Co-incidently I was also dxd with LC at 60 too,I had a tumour in the airway leading to my upper right lung lung,which caused it to collapse, I also had local spread to the lymph nodes,this was in Oct 2008,I had four cycles of neo adjuvant chemotherapy, which like your treatment consisted of cisplatin and vinorelbine.I also had surgery in Jan 2009 to remove my upper right lung.Since then I have had no further treatments,other than six monthly check ups,which have now completed in February this year.At that last check up,I am pleased to share with you my docs comments,quote "Eric, we do have some successes with lung cancer,and you are certainly one of them.I am pleased to report,all our tests show that all your cancer is gone,I have every confidence in saying to you,you are cured,so go away,I dont expect to see you again",we shook hands and exchanged best wishes to each other.

Best wishes with your treatments,I do look forward to sharing some future posts with you.Bye for now.

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