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Fridays Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

                                           I do hope you are all keeping well,I have just dropped by my house to check out my mail and any online messages.Lovely day here in Scotland,temps around 7 degrees celcius,not sure what that means in English,somewhere around late 40s F I guess,so its not quite spring like yet,however the days are lengthening.

      Not long back from my holidays on the Canaries Island of Gran Canaria,we went to another of the groups Island called Tenerife last October,that island was just lovely,Gran Canaria is just a little down market from Tenerife,least Playa de Ingles resort was,we did discover a little Spanish coastal town on the other side of the island called Mogan,it was really beautiful,the architecture was very typically Spanish,each house frontage was just dripping with colourful displays of exotic flowers.I think I could well spend the winter months there,plenty of sun and temps in the 70s,oh well keep doing the lottery.

       I am still working at doing my lung cancer advocate work,I was invited to attend the 3rd anniversary celebrations of the Scottish governments campaign of Detect Cancer Early,this event was held in Edinburgh,it was fun,we had some interesting speakers giving a update on the progress that has been made with the campaign,lots of positives in responses from the Scottish population getting to their GPs for check ups for lung,prostate,bowel and breast cancers,so the campaign is justifying the monies thats being spent on it.

      I have been interviewed for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation magazines Spring edition,they want my daughter and I to appear on the front cover no less,so I have a photo shoot tomorrow,the photographer lives in Blairgowrie in Perthshire,so she is not local,its a very beautiful part of Scotland,she suggested doing a outdoor photoshoot,weather permitting,forecast for my neck of the woods tomorrow is persistant rain,we shall see.

       I am part of a group called cancer buddies network,who are all survivors of a wide range of cancers,we chat online,we have met up in the past before,so another meet up is overdue,we are in the first steps of arranging a visit to Dublin in the Spring or Early Summer,this should be fun,you are all invited.

       Must dash,I have to get back to Newmains (Liz'es house) to take her two dogs out for their walkies,I have left them in the kitchen,whilst I slipped out to my yoga class and my wee visit home,just hoping they have been good and not left me a mess to clean up.

     Bye for now. 

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Hi Eric, it sounds like you are living life to its fullest, I love that! Like Katie mentioned it's cold here in Texas. It's actually snowing. It's beautiful to watch. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, for a minute I thought I was on vacation too. ;)

I look forward to your next update!

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Hello.  Here in Minnesota it is sunny but very cold.


This morning it was - 10 degrees F  ( or -23.3 Celcius  )


We "warmed" up to 16 degrees F ( or -8 Celcius)


They promise us we will get a little warmer this weekend but will stay below freezing.


If it is about 40 there in Scotland please enjoy it.



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good to hear your well and keeping busy with everything!! don't let this slow ya down sir!!! Keep on Keeping on going...  :mrgreen:  8) 

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