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Hello. My wife has just recently had the bad news of a mass in URL (2.5cm), another in liver(3cm) and lymph nodes behind breastbone lit up pet scan. No symptoms, she has a sore spot on the back of her neck that has been bothering her for a couple of weeks, went to MD and ct ordered on neck, MD noticed spot in URL and sent her for PET scan.  No official dx as of yet. MRI scheduled for Monday afternoon to look at head and brain. Trying to shake the tree to get biopsy done. She's a RN3 at local hosp. Has a very large group of people advocating and working on getting this moving. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Brave, worried, helpless, scared, angry and so on... I think the not knowing, yet having the cloud hanging over is the worst. She's been extremely brave, I'm so proud of her and so very scared of what lies ahead for her and us. We have had some conversations with family, but we have no real dx or idea as to what the treatment plan may be. I've been doing research non stop it seems all week. I think I may be driving myself crazy. Yet I still have a billion thoughts of what to do going thru my head. What are the children thinking? How do I talk to them about the reality of this? Her birthday is coming up(50th) do I try to give her a party with friends and family? Before treatment? Wait to see after treatment? What if the cancer doesn't respond positively to the treatment? You only have 1 50th birthday! Right? What are her feelings? I'm afraid to ask. I guess we will have to talk about it sooner or later, I don't want to just let it pass, do nothing. She deserves a celebration! Thoughts?


   A little background, we are very much a modern family. We have been married for 4 and a half years she has 2 sons from her first marriage and I have a son and a daughter from my first. They're all wonderful children(adults, all are over 21 and either in school or working on careers/lives). She is the love of my life and I am hers! We try to stay active and busy. We both smoked for a few years but have quit for at least 4 years now. We exercise and eat right, balanced diet. We love to fish and do so whenever we can, weather permitting. East central Fl., so we get out year round. 

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Your wife and I have a few things in common.   When I was 50 years old I was told I had a mass in my R upper lobe of lung about the size of a golf ball. 


The good news is I just retired last summer from a local hospital where I was working as an RN.  I am now 67 years old , and  hopefully this summer I will be 68.


This is very scary.   I will not lye this is a tough journey.  I went through a lot of tough times .  When I was told I had lung cancer I really did not think that I would survive. 


It is possible to survive.  Please keep us posted.


Donna G

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I am so glad Donna was able to post for you!  There are many survivors here.  Please browse our other forums for a wealth of information and support.  Also, if you have questions or concerns please ask!  


I say....Celebrate her Birthday :)


Keep us posted ((hugs))

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lots of thoughts butfi rst and foremost. Have the best birthday party you can throw!!! Yes you only get one but that is just for 50. still ahve more to look forward to..  Give the emotional rollercoaster a few days to end and once treatment starts and then you get first check up you know things are getting better for now.. I have seen LC warriors that have fought for many years after thery were diagnosed so don't listen when the Dr.s say you ahve so much time.. they do not know. live each day to the best and fullest you can... Post up and let us know what is going on.. we might know what side effects to consider adn lots more info to share!!!

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Quick update.

MRI brain scan is NED. Great news!!!

Biopsy has been completed as of yesterday. They decided to do the lung, because the spot on liver would be much harder to get to safely. Partitial collapse but not growing and no symptoms of worsening. Home resting now. Now to wait for results. Hoping for more good news.


Thanks for all of the encouragement and support.

Will post again when we hear results of biopsy.

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Latest news. Had the biopsy on Thur. 3/19. Dr. decided to go lung instead of liver, said liver mass too hard to get to. So, partially collapsed lung over the weekend and very little activity. Told we would probably get results in a week. Got a call from PC dr. late friday night. Totally unexpected, but she had been checking every half hour and results came back. It's, "not cancer!!!" We can't believe this news! We have been so worried and anxious. Holy cow no cancer?!!! So, no cancer in the lung, very likely none at all. Not sure what exactly it is yet a lot more tests to come. But, We are sighing huge sighs of relief. Could be granular inflammatory response or some kind of infection. Still no symptoms at all. Possibly  a variable immuno-deficiency disease. Working on getting a lot more tests this week.


Thank you all for all of your support and prayers. I don't have the words to express my gratitude. You helped me thru this, short as it was your words helped greatly.


Thank you all for all you do!!!




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