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Newbie - hope this is where I introduce myself. confused.


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Hi,  I'm DonnaC.    January 2014, I was diagnosed with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer at 68 years.  I went to Mayo Clinic for chemotherapy, 30 days of radiation and a lobectomy of my right upper lobe.  Now I go back to Mayo every 4 months.  I just got back yesterday from Mayo with a good report.  I have been attemping to exercise and eat a healthy diet.  I'm retired and enjoying grandchildren, genealogy, travel and friends.  I really don't think about the cancer too much except for a couple weeks right before my check-ups.  Then I get a little anxious, but that is good because I come up with questions to ask the oncologist.  I have had some other health issues since the cancer treatment which have been frustrating. 


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keep a note book and write down the questions as you think of them.. if your not doing that already....


Scanxiety is normal and everyone goes through it until they get the report then they start breathing again..


good to hear you doing good so far!!!

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Hi Donna C.  I am Donna G.  We have some other things in common.  I had chemo, radiation and R upper lobectomy.

I was diagnosed when I was 50 years old..   I will be 68 this summer.  Glad you had a "good report"

How are you coping?  Please keep us posted.


Donna G

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I get a little anxious pending my yearly oncology consult after 11 years.  That is part of your "new normal" cancer life.  Sounds like you are doing the right things by staying active enjoying your grandchildren, genealogy, and travel.  There are a lot of downside complications with radiation and chemo but the upside is life - these treatments extend life and you certainly are taking advantage of it.  Stay the course. 

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Hi DonnaC,

I like Randy's idea of getting a notebook for questions.  

I encourage you to read this Survivor blog from the LUNGevity website. http://www.lungevity.org/support-survivorship/get-connected/blog/in-contrast You can also search "sypmtoms", & "checklists" on the top right corner of the LUNGevity website. (If you are on a mobile device the search bar will be at the very bottom). 


Please keep posting, I look forward to getting to know you. 

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