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Clean CAT scan!!!

gerbil runner

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My mom got a call from her onc. tonite. When she called me to say the onc had called, my heart skipped a beat - the dr calling on a Friday night?

The reason? Her scan from Wed. was CLEAN!!! :D:D No tumors showing in lungs, no tumor showing on the pancreas. Nada! After only 2 rounds of chemo!

A needed boost for my mom's spirits - her blood clot in the arm is still painful. Monday-Tue-Wed she'll have another round of chemo. We're so glad it's working! :D:D

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Guest Rosie (at the library)

That is awesome!

My mom just received her latest test results also.

Remission - I think.

Brain mets cannot be found. Liver mets has "remarkable" difference.

They forgot to scan the lungs though. Can ya believe it?

So she goes back Friday for that test.

Gotta hang on to all the good news you can, right?

Woo Hoo!

Love and prayers,


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A big hearty conngratulations to you and your mother for these blessed results. It's what keeps us hanging on for sure. And if it happened for her well then, who knows???? What a miracle~

God Bless you on your journey~

Big Hugs -



Husband diagn. 12/5 w/SCLC Stage IV of lungs,

mets to spine, liver, bone marrow suspect

Carbo-Taxol regimen x 4

So far, so good~

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