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weight loss and chemo


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Hi. I am curious, is there anyone else out there who has not lost any weight from chemo? :)

My mom is now on fourth cycle and we joke that she is the only cancer patient with no weight loss. She is just as fluffy and beautiful as she was pre-cancer :)

And by the way, in case I never told anyone this before, I HATE CANCER. How can my mom be so sick and yet look so good and feel ok? Oy vey :)

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Hi Andrea,

Yes, me. Have actually gained (of course I could eat if I was in a coma) weight. Never had a problem eating while on chemo. As a matter of fact everyone jokes with me and says if I stopped eating then they would have to call 911 and rush me to the hospital. :wink: And everyone also tells me I do not look sick or sound sick. They would never know unless I told them. Did not even lose my hair, just got a little thinner. I guess it’s just one of those things for some of us. That’s good for your mother. That’s a good thing. Peace, take care and God Bless. Rich

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Johnny gained thirty pounds in less than three months. I would look at him and the other people that started the same day he did and think he just doesn't fit in. They were all losing weight and getting weaker and he was gaining and getting stronger. They lost all of their hair and he only lost about half or a little more. His eyebrows even stayed thickand he had to continue shaving. I guess everyone is effected differently. Some lucky few have no real problems. Just be glad she is doing so well and enjoy every minute of her.

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Andrea My husband weighs the same. Although he has lost muscle mass. Jim has never been a big eater or enjoyed food that much. But at his first meeting with onc. was told that most cancer patients die from starvation. This has been in the back of his mind since then. So he eats 3 meals a day plus Ensure no matter if he's hungry or not. He also makes a habit of drinking lots of water. Sounds like your mother is going to be healthly next month for your second wedding. Enjoyed your web site of first wedding. Carolyn

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I have gained weight, since starting chemo, at least 15 pounds! I live to eat! Food is my comfort and my sheild and the worse it is for me, the better for my soul. Previous to my diagnosis I had gained 10 pounds from quitting smoking 1 month earlier (my chest hurt, so I quit smoking, thinking that would help). So all told, I have gained 25 pounds since Sept 26th when I quit smoking.

This is not good, I was morbidly obese before starting and this has only made that worse, I am flirting with fighting SCLC and diabetes at the same time if I don't gain some control over my eating, and Onc won't help me there, he thinks it's great.



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I actually read my Drs the riot act because I was promised the 3 A's of cancer.. Alopecia, Anemia and Anorexia and I felt totally robbed when I lost maybe a total of 10 pounds. I also laid claim to the "worlds only fat cancer patient" title.

I'm pretty sure my Drs think I'm nuts. :P

Although my chemo's been messed up this time so far because of not being able to get the IV in, I did notice after that marathon 8 hour chemo I lost a bit so maybe over the next 4 months I will finally lose some.. after all I think I deserve at least a little benefit from this damn disease :lol::lol::lol:

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