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Port Day


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Todays the day I get the port inserted (I keep wanting to say installed.. guess I spend too much time on the computer) Lucky me.. they called and want me there at 11:30 am so I don't have to struggle with that 18+ hour fast I would have if it went off as originally scheduled at 4:45 this evening.

Thanks for all the support & advice. I just hope its over fast so I can grab some lunch LOL.

Darn shame this port isn't a USB.. imagine all the nifty toys I could plug & play into it :lol:

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Guest cbysea1

Hello OhioKat,

I want to wish you well on your port procedure.I know when it is in place you will be so glad you have it.I have talked to the other patients I meet in chemo and radiation and they all are so glad they have it.

I know how bad it hurts to blow veins over and over trying to get your iv's in. OUCH!

You seem have such a wonderful spirit.

I come and read here when I need to hear positive affirmations.

For this being a cancer board I am amazed at all of you all and your wonderful attitudes.I gain strength and courage every time I read posts on this site.

I have a son named Zachariah, my son is 29. I don't find many young women naming their boys Zachariah or Zachary. Great names I think. :lol:

Have a great day,

Cheryl_Child of God

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Well I'll all ported up now and dayum it hurts. I'm really nervous now about having them stick a needle in the port since it seems my entire next & chest are over sensitive now. Hoping that by tomorrow it'll be even less sensitive.

Its amazing finding out just how many movements you do that have a direct effect on your neck muscles.

Thanks so much for everyones support and kindness.


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Guest Rosie (at the library)

I'm so glad everything went well.

Mom's seemed to be better once the initial swelling went down.

Love and blessings,

Tammy :)

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