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Hi! My name is Renee and I am from Wi. I was diagnosed March 23, 2015 with Stage 3 nsc adenocarcinoma, ALK+ at age of 43. I take Xylkori twice daily. My CT this past September showed significant shrinkage ( not a candidate for surgery). I am glad to find a support group!

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Hello Renee. Welcome.  You've been on this journey for almost a year. 

Glad to hear that med has caused shrinkage.  We love that word.

We here in Minnesota have come out of the deep freeze--- temps were staying below zero

for days.  It was pleasant to get to +6 degrees today.  That really cold air I find

hard to breath in.  How are you doing with it?

Please keep us posted on how you are doing. 


Donna G

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Welcome here Renee!


Oh, I like those words "significant shrinkage"!  I like them a lot!  It has been a while but I've been to La Crosse.  It had this island in the Mississippi called French Island, I think, and when I was there, Wisconsin and Minnesota were arguing over who owned what.  Seemed the river either deposited or eroded some of the land in the Island....


Glad you found us and look forward to hearing more "significant shrinkage" reports!


Stay the course.



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Hi Renee I am new to this site as well, I had my last chemo treatment 9/2015 after having surgery in MAy to remove stage 2A adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Now worry about all the pains I feel not being sure what the reason is for each of them...I see you are also from Wisconsin too. Well hello and nice to meet you...I am glad there are online support like this one, I think it may be very helpful....

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