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Susan Cornett

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I had a pet scan yesterday as a follow-up to my CT in February.  As suspected, a lymph node near the aortic arch lit up.  But nothing else lit up so that's reason enough to do a happy dance.  I'll have a surgical biopsy to confirm it is adeno (same as primary tumor removed last year) and I will have a port put in.  I have 6-7 weeks of concurrent chemo (carboplatin and taxol) and radiation and I am not about to endure that without a port.  Doc will also send me for an MRI just to confirm the brain is still clear.

Doc knows I have a trip planned for Hawaii at the end of May so he's trying to get this started so I can finish in time to take my trip.  I will probably feel pretty crappy by then, but I'd rather feel crappy sitting on a beach.  

I was a little sad on Saturday - I presumed the misbehaving lymph node was cancer.  I was a little sad today and then mad, but now?  Let's get this fight started.  I've already had 13 months since my initial diagnosis and that's pretty damn good.  I'm ready.  


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Biopsy and port installation with the same anesthesia is good planning.  Of course, a port is the only way to go.  Radiation should fry the cancer in the node and of course taxol and carboplatin should keep your cancer from spreading as radiation disassociates the tumor.

I'm betting your concurrent treatment will be a piece of cake with the Hawaii beach vacation reward looming ahead.  I agree, lock and load and destroy the beast!

Stay the course.


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Hi, Susan,

It sounds like you and your doctor have a solid plan in place. Now is definitely the time to be determined and focused on getting through treatment so that you can live aloha in just a few short months! 

As always, keep us posted!

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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