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George and Martha


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George and Martha are a young couple, madly in love. One day they make an agreement. Since they both believe in communicating with the dead and with reincarnation, they agree that if anything happens to one of them, 30 days later the surviving one will get in touch with the other.

Well, as fate has it, a few weeks later George is killed in a car accident.

30 days later, Martha lies in bed and tries to contact George.

Low and behold George answers. What's it like up there, asks Martha.

Wow, says George. We get up in the morning, have a great breakfast and then have sex until noon. Then we eat lunch, take a little nap and then have sex until dinner. After dinner, we have sex until we fall asleep.

Wow, says Martha. I had no idea it was like that in heaven.

Heaven he--. says George, I'm a jack rabbit in Arizona.

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