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Good Afternoon everyone.

My name is Julie I am nearly 64 years old. I live in Queensland Australia and I am a lung cancer survivor.

I had 2/3 of my right lung removed in March 2015 which was found quite by accident in December 2014 but not confirmed until February 2015.

I have had regular 3 monthly chest xrays and yearly CT Scans ever since.

June 19th was my xray and they have found a nodule in my upper right zone. I had to have a Dye contrast CT Scan yesterday and now wait for the doctor to get the results on Tuesday.

My gut instinct tells me its back.


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Hi, Julie,

I'm so sorry--this has got to be scary.  I'm brand new, have surgery scheduled for a week from Monday, so I'm not in a position to offer any help or advice.  Just sending a hug.  What kind of cancer did you have?  It sounds like the surgery was the only treatment you got?  I know that right now that's all they have on the agenda for me, unless things found during surgery are different from what is expected.


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Welcome here.

The time just seems to craw while waiting for scan results doesn't it?  I had four recurrences after treatment that produced no evidence of disease or NED and consequently many scans and a lot of emotionally charged waiting.  It unnerved me so much, I wrote a book about it - "Scanziety".  Why is it spelled with a "z"?  The title describes a formula for calculating the amount of anxiety associated for waiting for scan results -- typical of an engineer!  Regardless, we all know what your are feeling and thinking waiting for your results revealed Tuesday consultation.

Lung cancer is persistent.  For most of us here, treatment was not "one and done." You didn't mention the type of lung cancer you were diagnosed with.  Was it small cell or non small cell? Adenocarcinoma or Squamous cell?  I ask because there are dramatic new advances for treating both types of non small cell lung cancer with targeted therapy for the former and immunotherapy for the latter.  You can read about them here and here

I do hope that the scan reveals a nodule of no concern.  In case it doesn't we are here to support you as you engage in treatment.

Stay the course.


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Hi, Julie. That time to exhale after initial diagnosis and treatment is a good feeling, but we all eventually hold our breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. I was diagnosed in February 2016 and am currently fighting a recurrence. I was just shy of my one year mark when it was found. As Tom said, a lot of us have or had recurrences. It stinks but, if yours is a recurrence, it can usually be treated. I read a tweet from a fellow lung cancer patient that said he hoped to just keep getting patched together (dealing with recurrence and metastasis) until better treatment options are available. 

Here's hoping your tests reveal a boring, benign spot.

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Hi, Julie,

Just wanted to check in re: your test results. We're hoping for good news! Please share an update when you can and let us know if you'd like some additional support.

We are here for you!

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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