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Prayers for the first of MANY 3 month checkups


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Hi Everyone,

It has been a few months since I have last posted as there has just been so much going on in my life right now. I recently bought a new house and moved and all that jazz, and recently my mom turned 50 so the family just got back from a birthday vacation.

My dad goes in tomorrow for his first chest xray in three months. He has been complaining of pain and has convinced himself that the cancer has grown. I try so hard to not give in to this negativity but sometimes its hard. I find myself not wanting to go to sleep just in case the results come back bad tomorrow...I dont think we can go through this again...I dont think my dad will choose to go through this again.

So that is why I come to you and ask for your prayers be with my dad for a good clean checkup.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks everyone for your support!

I got the call this morning on my way into work from my mom that there has been no change!!! YIPPEE!! My dad was certain there was new growth "Tracy I know my body"....so he got a good helping of my view on things...there is no sense in stressing yourself, your body and your loved ones until you have all the facts!

So as I believe in what I just said, it will now continue for me as one day at a time (thanking god for each day given) life as normal until we are told otherwise.

Thanks again

p.s. I love my new house!! First time I have owned something and although it is only 1/3 mine, its better than renting!

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