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Lung cancer gets some media attenteion!


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The Economist magazine, in its September 16  issue focuses its Technology Quarterly on diagnosing and treating cancer. AND it features in each article a woman from Massachusetts, Diane Milley, walking the reader through each phase of her diagnosis and treatment for advanced lung cancer.

The  articles are very up-to-date, clear and informative. It's good to see "our" cancer getting some attention, rather than it all going to cancers that are less prevalent and less deadly. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to attention given those, also, since I've had two of them. )

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Thanks Donna for the link. There are several additional articles in the Technology quarterly about cancer treatment. I saw on the linked site that if you sign up you can get 3 free articles per week. These are worth getting.

Bridget O

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