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Newbie here!


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Hi all! 

My name is Jean, I live in West Valley City, Ut.  West Valley is actually part of, and on the west side of Salt Lake City. 

I was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC of the left lung on September 29, 2017.  I feel like the past 3 months have been a truly scream inducing roller coaster ride in the dark!  I'm sure you can relate.  But as a plus, I am  very fortunate to live near and get treatment from The Huntsman Cancer Institute.  

As of this date I have just received my 4th chemo treatment, with the out look that number 5 MAY be my last.  But, if I end up having 6 I'm OK with that.  I'd rather do a little "over kill" than stopping short of the goal my Doc is working to achieve.  :) 

In the next couple of weeks I will be:  having my 8th Thoro Centesis  (yes, 8th-Ugh),  a CT Scan as well as an MRI.  (Not all on the same day, thank goodness. LOL)  Then within a couple of days I'll see the Doc and afterwards get the 5th  chemo. 

I was initially told I had cancer by the Pulmonologist at the hospital, WHILE I WAS COMPLETELY ALONE!  Not only did the Doc not wait for my hubby to be present, he didn't even ask if I had family or someone to be with me.  The Oncologist at the hospital came in next, and basically did the exact same thing!  GRRR!!  What the heck happened to a careing bed side manner let alone "do no harm"???  My hubby was totally PISSED to say the least.  He told the nurse he wasn't taking me home or otherwise without BOTH doctors coming back and talking with him.  As hard as it is for the Docs to deliver that diagnosis, I don't understand their callous manner.  EVERY patient deserves compassion, especially when being given such life changing news.




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H Jean,

Welcome to the forum. This is the best club that nobody wants to join! Seriously, this is a place to find information, hope and support. Cancer diagnosis can indeed be like a scream inducing roller coaster ride. Hang in there and let us know how we can support you.

Brdget O

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Welcome here. 

Very sorry to learn of the callous manner displayed by your diagnosing physicians. Like all professions, bad apples manage to slip by. I hope future practioners treat you better. 

You didn’t mention the type of NSCLC: adenocarcioma, Squamous Cell or large cell. Tell us also the name of the chemo drugs you are receiving and any side effect difficulties you are having. Knowing this will allow forum members to convey their experience in treatment. 

Stay the course. 


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I'm sorry ho hear about you Dr. My husbands dr wasn't honest with us, so I understand how Doctors make a big difference. I hope and pray that when you have your next test done that you get a good report. And that they are more compassionate. Try to keep your spirits up. Stay busy that helped us going through this nightmare. 

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Hello Jean!  I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis and hope you'll get some good news soon.  I understand how how uncaring the doctors can be.  I received a telephone call telling me about my husbands cancer.  It was so difficult because I was left being the one to tell him.  He had so many questions and I had no answers.  It was awful :(  


Please keep us updated (((hugs)))


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