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SCLC- PCI - Final 5 - Done & Done


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Today I completed the final 5 days of my 10 days of PCI , a preventative step to reduce risk of brain Mets associated with Small Cell. This is a low dose whole brain radiation (25 Gy in 10 fractions (2.5 Gy per session) treatment.  

My last 5 days/treatments have been nearly as uneventful- as the first five. The fatigue picked up in week two and skin redness/irritation on neck & head extended to my face. I managed this and continue to manage this using Aloe Vera, Aquaphor ointment spray and Bag Balm skin moisturizer interchangeably. I went from sleeping 6.5 hours a day in week 1 to  8+ hours in week 2. Also my dose of Memantine doubled this week (1 5mg pill 2x per day) with no increased side effects. My dosage will increase again in the coming week (week 3) and then drop back in week 4, after which the medication will be discontinued. 

My hair is intact at the moment, but I’m told it’s going at some point soon (it actually got off to an early start in my 30’s) 

Midweek, a CBC was taken to measure any effect on WBC count (expected to be minor)

I continued my daily brain exercises through Lumosity, and online tests/exercises through Cambridge Brain Tests. While early in the process, I have not experienced any short term memory related side effects, balance issues etc but will continue to monitor that. 

My next follow up with Radiation Oncology will be May 1 (6 weeks) , following my first set of new tests since NED (PET/CT -Skull to knees) and Chromogranin A  (CgA) neuroendocrine Tumor marker (serum) & CBC , scheduled for 4th week of April. - I think the wait between NED and new tests is the most anxiety laden - 

Once again, happy  to answer any questions about this, my SCLC diagnosis, treatments etc. 

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Hi Leo,

Wonderful that you are DONE with PCI. Yay! Sounds  like things are moving right along for you. May our friend NED be with you for a long time.

Bridget O

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Great news on PCT and wonderful report on your experience.  Agree completely the time between NED -- diagnostics -- results is indeed most anxiety laden.  We call it Scanziety.  Some spell  it with an x but I'm wedded to my spelling because I wrote a book about it.

Stay the course.


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Thank you for sharing the good news, Leo! Please continue to post updates!

With gratitude,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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