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Hi, I'm Mac


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Hi, Mac, and welcome!  Glad you found us--we have great folks here with a lot of collective knowledge and experience, and it's a great place for giving and getting support.

Make yourself at home, and when you feel comfortable enough to do so, maybe you'd like to tell us a bit about your current status and treatment.  

I was lucky enough to have my cancer found very early, through a screening program, so I was Stage 1b and needed only surgery (so far--surgery was a year ago).  I go for scans twice a year to make sure everything stays good.

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Hey Mac, one more thing. I just noticed you're from Oregon. So am I. Not many of us Oregonians on these forums. Seems like we have a lot of Texans! What part of Oregon are you in?


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Thank you for your welcome. I live in Hood River County, Oregon. I have had four surgeries in the last four year. A lobectomy, adrenalectomy and two back surgeries unrelated to my cancer. My partner died of lung cancer in Feb. of 2014. I was diagnosed in April of 2014. I had my lobectomy in September of 2014. and my adrenalectomy (metastasized lung cancer) in November of 2015. 

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Wow, that's quite the time you've had of it.  I'm so sorry about the loss of your partner--that must have made your diagnosis even scarier than cancer is to begin with.  How are you doing now?  Are you on any current treatment regimen?


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Hi, Mac,

Welcome to LCSC. I'm glad to see that you've already connected with some of our members. This community is a great site to give and get support, find information, ask questions, and share your experience with others navigating a lung cancer diagnosis. Please feel free to explore the forums and join in on any conversations that resonate with you. When you're comfortable, please feel free to share more of your story and feel free to ask questions.

We are here for you,

Digital Community Manager
LUNGevity Foundation

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