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Update on my Mom.


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Hello everyone! 

My mom just had her first infection. She was only at her 10 day mark of her first treatment. This day was suppose to mark her bottom out Day. She had been running a low grade fever for about 24 hours. Then it spiked to 101.6. I took her to the ER. And they started anabiotics right away. Turns out she had an Urinary tract infection. Her blood work was real low. She spent 2 nights in the hospital. They took great care of her and now she is home. The bad news, her biopsy of her liver came back and it has spread, the test came back as small cell in the liver. That news was hard to take. But the team has been treating her as if she did have cancer in the liver because they didn’t want to wait. Thank goodness!  She has taken it well. Her hair has also started falling out so she wanted to go ahead and buzz off her hair,which we did tonight. I did too to show support for her! This is a wild ride and it’s only day 12! 

Thanks all! 

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Hi Austin,

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's biopsy results and her infection. Are they going to give her neupogen or neulasta? Or was she having  it already? During chemo for a previous (non-lung cancer) I developed a fever and went to the ER.  My neutrophils (white blood cells that fight infection were at zero. They gave me antibiotics even though they couldn't  figure out where th infecion was located. After subsequent chemo infusions I had neupogen injections, which help keep the white blood cells from crashing, and they never went dangerously low again. Neupogen is a series of shots. Neulasta is the same medication in a form that only needs one shot.

All the best to you and your mom.

Bridget O

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Hi, Austin, thanks for the update.  I don't know anything about infections from lowered immunity (other than what I've learned from others here on this forum), but I've heard lots of folks here talk about those meds Bridget mentioned.  Just wanted to send you and your mom an encouraging word.

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After my first chemotherapy infusion, my husband and I fought pneumonia for 5 weeks. My primary physician helped me through 4 series of antibiotics. I have had three infusions since and although I have other side effects, my body has not crashed with another big infection. I hope your mom will get stronger through further treatments. How sweet of you to shave your hair off also. There are adorable caps to wear and even some you can decorate yourself. Go to youtube.com to find funny videos. It is difficult to remain positive. A smile here and there helps. I also go to youtube.com to use short meditation for anxiety videos. Bless you and your mom.

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