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Hi new here

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Hi all - I am new here - diagnosed April - scan was done for another surgery.. biopsy showed EGFR mutation - stage 3a - non operable - none symptomatic- treatment done - 44 radiation and chemo concurrently- did my 5 week rest , petscan tomorrow- last appointment showed tumor was 75 percent eradicated . Would like to hear from other stage 3 survivors and hear about your journey- 

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Hello Carol Elizabeth and welcome.  I was stage 3B..  I was diagnosed in December 1997.  They did not test for EGRF back then.

I started with chemos and radiation.  Because it shrunk up I did have my right upper lobe removed then I got more chemo.  

I survived.  Hope your pet scan has great results tomorrow , please let us know !

Donna G


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Welcome Carol Elizabeth!

Stage IIIB NSCLC Squamous cell here. Pre surgical radiation & Taxol and Carboplatin, then pneumonectomy, then surgical complications beget more surgery. Tumors found in my remaining lung. 12 more infusions of Taxol & Carboplatin. One tumor persisted and was fried by CyberKnife. 

Diagnosed February 4, 2003. Journey was a pain but have been NED since March 2007 and am as active as an elderly gent with one lung can be. 

I really hope your scan is NED. 

Stay the course. 


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Hi, Carol!  Just wanted to welcome you here--glad you've connected already with a couple of our Stage III heroes.  I was lucky enough to be Stage Ib, so I don't have any relevant treatment experience to share.  Good luck with your scan today--will look forward to your update.

Glad you found us!

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