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I was diagnosed of lung cancer that metastasized to my liver about a seven weeks ago. I guess I'm still in a daze when I think about it since I never smoked nor was I a heavy drinker.  I didn't live with anyone that smoked. Just having a hard time accepting it. 

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Hi, baby,

Well, the only requirement for getting lung cancer is lungs.  I'm sorry about your diagnosis--it's always a shock, even when you're a smoker.  

What kind of treatment do you have planned (or are maybe already in)?

Welcome, glad you found us!  This is a great place for support and information.


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Hello babybragg.  I want to welcome you also.  

Like LexieCat I want to ask if a plan of care is has been made and is it started.  That is so important.  

Was genetic testing done ?  Please keep us posted .   We have been through this too and know how difficult it is.


Donna G

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Hi Babybragg,

I sure hope the chemo shrinks your mass. What type of cancer did they say you have?

Which immunotherapy drug are they considering for you? 

I have stage IV NSCLC...I've had two surgeries and chemo. When diagnosed, I was also shocked. I didn't have any of the risk factors either so they say it's just bad luck.

If you have any questions, please ask!





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Glad to hear you're already getting treatment.  We have quite a few long-term survivors with advanced lung cancer, so there's a lot to be hopeful about.  Stick around, keep us posted.  We're here to help and support you (and maybe, on occasion, amuse you).  :) 

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