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IV Vitamin C / Integrative Medicine

Rower Michelle

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Hi All, 

My husband and I are very interested in Integrative Medicine to enhance the traditional treatment protocols.  At Kansas University there is an Integrative Medicine Program we will be visiting with on Tuesday.  One of the areas we are exploring is the use of IV Vitamin C.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  Any other thoughts about incorporating complementary medicine?  Any feedback is appreciated!   

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My only thought is to make sure your oncologist is aware of everything you might be adding into the treatment plan and make sure s/he is on board with it.  

I don't know about Vitamin C for cancer, but I'm a believer when it comes to colds.  I had a boss once who pushed Vitamin C at you every time you went into his office.  I thought it was a bunch of BS, but I found that if I took a lot of it when cold symptoms FIRST start to appear, it seems like I either fight off the cold and the symptoms go away, or if I DO get a cold, it seems to resolve faster.  The other thing about C is that unlike some vitamins, you don't have to worry about overdoing it--the body gets rid of any excess.  So in general, I think it's a low-risk strategy, but cancer and cancer drugs can complicate things, so I think you want your cancer experts to be OK with it.

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Thanks LexieCat.  The oncologist agreed to the IV C on our second visit.   There is some evidence to suggest the efficacy, however, the data is all over the place in terms of study design. There is a clinical trial at the University of Iowa that I'm keeping an eye on in Phase II (with Carboplatin). 

The challenge has been finding a cost effective approach.  The Riorden Clinic has a national reputation and is also here in Overland Park, however, BIG issues there.  First the cost was prohibitive (almost $20,000 per year private pay- OUCH) and second, they would not do any care coordination with KU.  That's a problem!  

We found a PCP that administers IV C privately and before we get started we will get the opinion of the Oncology Integrative MD.  Will let the group know what we find out.  

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